David Lee Roth’s ‘Eat ‘Em And Smile’ solo band ready to reunite and waiting on him to do so

David Lee Roth’s ‘Eat ‘Em And Smile’ solo band ready to reunite and waiting on him to do so 

Bassist Billy Sheehan was recently interviewed by eonmusic and spoke about the David Lee Roth band reunion that never fully materialized. Roth, Sheehan, guitarist Steve Vai and drummer Greg Bissonette were scheduled to reunite to play two songs — “Shyboy” and “Yankee Rose” — from their debut album Eat ‘Em And Smile released back in 1986 at the Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood, California, USA on November 25, 2015. Unfortunately, the venue was closed down at the last minute by a fire marshall due to overcrowding before the group officially reunited and played.

Sheehan stated as follows to eonmusic:

“The place holds about five hundred [people], legally, and they let in, I estimate there was twelve hundred in there. In a way, they did the right thing, because it was too crowded, but it broke our hearts completely.”

“The good thing about it was we hung out afterwards. It was me, Steve, Greg, our keyboard player Brett [Tuggle], and of course Dave. We all hung and told stories and had a few drinks, and it was like the old days. It was so great.”

In terms of the chances that the band might reunite, Sheehan stated: “Maybe someday it will. It’s up to Dave, [but] I’m ready, Steve’s ready, Greg’s ready – we’re all ready. So if Dave decides to do it, we’re ready to go.”

You can read the rest of the article / interview at eonmusic.

David Lee Roth‘s “Yankee Rose” video:

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