David Reece looking forward to seeing ex-Accept bandmates when he attends group’s Italy gig

David Reece looking forward to seeing ex-Accept bandmates when he attends group’s Italy gig

Former Accept singer David Reece was recently interviewed by The Metal Voice‘s Jimmy Kay and advised looking forward to seeing his ex-Accept bandmates (guitarist Wolf Hoffman and bassist Peter Baltes) in the near future. Reece has been placed on the German heavy metal group’s guest list for the latter’s concert at Live Club in Milan, Italy on January 23, 2018.

With respect to Accept, Reece advised The Metal Voice: “I’m going to see Accept play live on Tuesday January 23 in Milan, Italy, they put me on the guest list, I guess the bread has been broken, the water is under the bridge, I am very grateful for that. Their publicist said do you want to go? I said yeah I would be honoured. I am very happy about it I haven’t seen the band in years.”

Wikipedia states the following about Accept‘s time with Reece in the line-up (with slight edits):

“In 1987, Udo Dirkschneider was fired from the band, and later decided to embark on a solo career. Supporting this decision, the songwriting team in Accept wrote his entire solo album, released in 1987 as Animal House under the band moniker U.D.O.… Parallel to work on Animal House, Accept started to audition vocalists. The band tried out a few singers, including Michael White and Baby Tuckoo singer Rob Armitage, whom they even featured in promo photos and metal magazine interviews, and also recorded demos with. However, American vocalist David Reece was chosen and this new line-up recorded and released Eat the Heat in 1989. Accept‘s career came to a sudden halt, when Stefan Kaufmann sustained a serious injury to his back during the tour in support of the album. He was briefly replaced by House of Lords drummer Ken Mary for the remainder of the US tour. By the tour end in late 1989, the band decided that without Kaufmann, and with differences surfacing with Reece, it was time to cease their activities for the time being.”

You can listen to the interview with Reece at The Metal Voice‘s website.