David Reece states that no chance of new music from Bangalore Choir

David Reece states that no chance of new music from Bangalore Choir

Former Accept, Bangalore Choir, Gypsy Rose, Tango Down and Bonfire, and current Sainted Sinners lead vocalist David Reece was recently interviewed by Hair Band Heaven and spoke about his decision to go solo as well as possible new material from the other bands that he’s involved with such as Sainted Sinners and Bangalore Choir.

In terms of his upcoming solo album Resilient Heart, which is getting released via Mighty Music on November 9th, Reece stated (with slight edits): “Hello and thank you for taking time to chat with me. Resilient Heart for me began in 2016. I was growing tired of being someone’s singer and working with others and having to wait for openings for gigs etcetera plus I’ve really felt a need to make some changes in my direction vocally and musically. I’ve been listening a lot to newer bands and productions. The reason for the title is I’m a resilient person I can be kicked down but stand up and fight on.”

With respect to whether there will be new music from Bangalore Choir in the future, Reece opined: “Unfortunately no? Curt Mitchell hates record labels and the business so has retired from that idea. He is a great talent and I miss the chemistry we had? I did a few gigs with him in England and the US but his hearts not in it sadly.​”

In regard to Sainted Sinners, Reece advised: “I’m co owner of the name and group Sainted Sinners and haven’t spoken to Pane‘ in months? He’s in Bonfire and that’s his choice but it creates difficulty to have a real group and working relationship truthfully so I’ll leave it to him to reach out. Again another reason I’m solo.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Reece at Hair Band Heaven.