De La Cruz Announce New Guitarist

De La Cruz Announce New Guitarist

August 4, 2013

De La Cruz have finally found a replacement for guitarist Casey Jones, who departed the band in April. Filling his spot is Stevie Strange, who recently made his live debut with the Australian rockers.

“Obviously replacing Casey Jones is a pretty big repsonsibily,” states Strange. “I’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill there — he’s a great guitarist. I found it pretty tricky learning some of his lead licks, it kept me busy for awhile.”

De La Cruz’s debut full-length album ‘Street Level’ was released on March 22nd in Europe and March 26th in North America through Frontiers Records. A few short weeks later Jones, who served as guitarist, producer, and co-songwriter on ‘Street Level’, walked away from the group.

“Over the last few months tensions have risen in the DLC camp. Not between any of us as friends, but on a business level due to the growing need for us to spend 95% + of our time on the management side of things rather than engaging with our music, fans and creating new and exciting tunes,” said Jones about his decision to leave De La Cruz. “I never got into music to make money, get free stuff (although thats kinda rad), or for the business side of the music industry. Whilst I have learnt a lot about these areas and have gained a lot of skills, I just don’t have fun like I used to. The music has gone. I can now understand why bands fall apart, not due to friendships or rivalry within the band, but because of the immense pressure, stress and somewhat disheartening cutthroat nature of the music industry, the culture and the way it is run by the powers that be.”

One person who has yet to become disenchanted with the music industry is Jones’ replacement Strange. “I’m stoked to be in the band,” gleamed Strange. “When news of Casey leaving got out the boys started messaging me. We played a couple shows together in Melbourne after one rehearsal and it was great. The guys have all mentioned that they have to remember I’ve only just joined the band, it feels like we’ve been a band for ages so its great.

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