Deadline Posts Beau Hill Mixed Track “Dance With Style”

Deadline Posts Beau Hill Mixed Track “Dance With Style”

January 24, 2011

Deadline Posts Beau Hill Mixed Track Dance With StyleHard rock band Deadline have posted the track “Dance with Style” on their MySpace page at The song was mixed and mastered by Beau Hill who has worked with artists such as Ratt, Winger, Alice Cooper, Warrant, Europe and Kix. The ‘Deadliners’ had an extreme pleasure working with this incredibly talented artist, and are looking forward to renewing the experience.

Deadline plays first class melodic hard rock shaped by the different horizons of each band member (punk, rock, blues, metal).

The Parisian band came together in 2007 as a power trio with Joris Beraud, Sebastien Debbane and Nicolas Ballu. Joined in the summer 2009 by thrashing guitar player Gabriel Lect and stunning singer Arnaud Restoueix, the ‘Deadliners’ began to release the heaviest material ever composed.

Deadline play songs with themes about life, sexy women, lust and love… songs that will thrill you to the bone and make you ask for more…

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