Deaf Dumb & Blonde release ‘L.A. Days’ album via Demon Doll Records

Deaf Dumb & Blonde release ‘L.A. Days’ album via Demon Doll Records

Another album from the hair metal golden era is being released by Demon Doll Records in the form of Deaf Dumb & Blonde‘s L.A. Days record.

Demon Doll Records‘ website indicates in part (with slight edits):

“Who’s ready to get Down And Dirty?

I know we are! Demon Doll Records and Metal Legacy Records have unearthed yet another Hollywood Hair Metal gem. Deaf Dumb & Blonde hit the Sunset Strip hard back in the heyday of ’91 and ’92 and delivered up some seriously great sleazy rock n roll.

From the first notes of “Down And Dirty” to the final chords of “Hey Y’All”, the band locks into some serious grooves and belts out some seriously infectious melodies. Submerse yourself in the Dr. Feelgood styled thunder of the opening track to the funky and addictive guitar work of “Love Thing” (which might conjure up some influences from the great band Extreme). Lead vocalist Troy Wheeler delivers on every track with razor sharp focus conjuring up the great Sunset Strip version of David Lee Roth in his attack.

In our opinion and we think you’ll agree, the band delivers a great debut record full of seven deliriously addictive hair metal tracks plus two live tracks recorded at the infamous FM Station. They might be called Deaf Dumb & Blonde, but these guys were certainly nothing short of great, brilliant and yes there were some blondes in the band.

This CD comes packaged in an 8 page booklet with a band biography and full set of lyrics.

If you like your 80s rock in the vein of Van Halen, Aerosmith, Tesla and Extreme with a little hint of Motley…you will love this release.”

Track List for L.A. Days:
01. Down And Dirty
02. Talk About You
03. Dreaming
04. Heaven’s Trail
05. Love Thing
06. That’s The Way Love Goes
07. Hey Y’All
Bonus Tracks:
08. Here’s Mud In Your Eye (Live)
09. Down And Dirty (Live)

You can purchase Deaf Dumb & Blonde‘s L.A. Days album at Demon Doll Records.

Deaf Dumb & Blonde‘s “Down And Dirty” song:

Deaf Dumb & Blonde – Down And Dirty (L.A. Days) First single from the long awaited debut album from DEAF DUMB & BLONDE ‘L.A. Days’