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January 20, 2008

Wednesday 13’s Weirdo A Go-Go Available At Hot Topic, FYE, Suncoast and more!

Thanks to the dedication of his amazing fans, Wednesday 13’s Weirdo A Go-Go’s strength continues to grow. The first, non-music video project from Wednesday 13 continues to build it’s retail presence.

Commented Wednesday 13 “My last cd “Fang Bang”, with the backing of a major label, was not available at a lot of retail stores. However, Weirdo A Go-Go has continued to build momentum, and we recently got the biggest order for the release, from Hot Topic! A feat that a major label could not do for us on my last music release”.

Wednesday 13 recently announced that he would forgo signing with a record label in N. America and will self-release the “Bloodwork EP” and a new full length, “Skeletons” , this April.

“We care about the music, the release and our fans. To a record label we are a statistic. Record labels sign an endless number of bands each year, and they are never 100% focused on your project. After a long 4 1/2 months negotiating a worldwide deal with a label, we knew they would never give us the attention we needed. Each year, our touring base has gone up, but each year the record labels have been putting less cds on the streets. The biggest complaint we heard for the past year and a half was that our fans couldn’t find the cd. The record label would say there was no demand, the fans would complain they couldn’t find the cd – and whenever we would have cds on the road, we would sell out.

We know our fans, we know where they shop and we want to be able to give back to them.” commented Wednesday 13. “Weirdo A Go-Go is a great opportunity for the fans to show their support by going to these stores and purchasing copies or demanding copies of the dvd. By doing this, the stores get to see what the fans want and they know the demand for the product. This is only going to insure that my new cd, “Skeletons”, will have a place on the shelves as well in these stores. Let’s show the system that the underdog can win despite the odds against it.

The fans are the reason Hot Topic, FYE and these huge chains have embraced Weirdo A Go-Go, and the fans are the ones who can make this a success.”

Weirdo A Go-Go will be released in the N. America on Feb. 5, 2008. It is currently ranked as the 1 selling DVD on for the past 3 weeks.

An updated list of all stores that have ordered the dvd can be found at

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