Dee Snider, Angel and Moxy playing inaugural Golden Age Rock Festival in Belgium from Aug. 23-25, 2019

Dee Snider, Angel and Moxy playing inaugural Golden Age Rock Festival in Belgium from Aug. 23-25, 2019

The inaugural Golden Age Rock Festival will be taking place in Liege, Belgium from August 23 to 25, 2019 and will include a number of artists / bands that have received coverage from Sleaze Roxx over the years including Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, Angel, Tygers of Pan Tang, Uli Jon Roth, Moxy, 220 Volt and Heavy Pettin.

Golden Age Rock Festival‘s “Story” on their Facebook page states:

“Tempus fugit ! Time goes by at breakneck speed and nostalgia – so vividly, thank you for that – is the mother of the deepest desires.

Nostalgia? Does not it come when the present day is not being up to the promises of the past?

The elders as always cherish the sixties, golden years where it all started.

The seventies are once and for all the golden age for rock music and hard rock.

Most often criticized, the eighties remain an especially giddy memory trigger.

So what will I do in these screwed-up and uncertain times?

Still and always remembering the past, our past, sowing our wild oats and eventually… to set up a festival dedicated to yesterday’s rock.

This is just the project that three fans decided to start work on, in the full heat of the summer of 2018, called Golden Age Rock Festival.

Bernard Hemblenne: seasoned concerts promoter, 30 years active, being renowned for his conscientiousness and his rigour. He’s promoting one of the oldest and biggest metal festival in French speaking Belgium: Durbuy Rock Festival.

Marc ‘Papo Ripper’ Tombal: hard rock world-famous specialist, radio-man and fanatic. Rocker with a unique network of contacts.

Gauthier Henri: initiator of the Golden Age Rock Festival project, gonzo style but learned journalist / rock writer of the rock encyclopedia – cf The Twelve Labours of Rock –

Our goals in 10 commandments:

  1. To celebrate with our dear yesterday’s heroes and provide the necessary resources to make it come true.
  2. To establish an anachronistic Festival. One stage. Downtime between the sets. Decent schedules.
  3. To succeed in putting together broken up bands or to re-ignite a dormant spark.
  4. To suggest an innovative formula or unusual concepts. To invite bands that never come to Belgium or Europa.
  5. To create a kind of chemistry between the rock fans and the bands. Old school fraternization. Doing it instinctively. To fight against losers or has been clichés.
  6. To prove that Classic rock still has a place in this haywire rock planet.
  7. To attract international rockers. Golden Age Rock Festival, for a short weekend, must be the Rock ‘n’ Roll Mecca.
  8. To promote our hometown, Liège, a Latin welcoming city with warm friendship, with a heavy rocking history and many tourist resources.
  9. To look for a benchmark in merchandising, rock market, horeca sector, auditory and visual comfort. The riding school of the Fonck Barracks is one of the nicest places for rock in Belgium, its super timber structure is a listed building.
  10. To avoid the ‘one shot’ and to sustain for later work. Vae Victis!”