Dee Snider compliments but also calls Paul Stanley a “dick”

Dee Snider compliments but also calls Paul Stanley a “dick”

By now, just about everyone is familiar with the public feud that erupted between Twisted Sister‘s lead singer Dee Snider and KISS‘ frontman Paul Stanley. You can brush up on the feud by reading Sleaze Roxx’s News article “Dee Snider versus Paul Stanley: Round III” if you haven’t kept pace in that regard.

Snider was interviewed by The Real Radio Show’s Frankie Dee and Henry K at Long Island Beach, New York during the 2015 “Lucky 13 Dee Snider‘s Ride To Fight Hunger On Long Island” Benefit on September 20, 2015. The video of the interview can be seen below.

Radio co-host Frankie Dee commented to Snider that he “got a lot of crap from Paul Stanley‘s son on this” and that he had been contacted by Stanley‘s ex-wife Pamela Stanley who stated that “She apologizes on behalf of her ex-husband. That is why he is an ex.” Snider humorously replied, “Yeah! That is why she is an ex too (laughs).” before stating in an “Italian” voice, “You never talk bad about the family. Pamela, you never talk about… Even the Jewish, you never talk bad about the family. Family sticks together.”

Snider went on to state, “Look, it’s crazy how international this feud between me and Paul Stanley has become. Not bad for a wannabe… or a buffoon.” Snider then stated: “Let me lay out my KKs, my KISS credentials. [I] own the first seven albums. I bought the first album before it had ‘Kissin’ Time’ on it. I bought it in February, ’cause I lived in Nassau County, they lived in Queens, and there was a rumor about this cool band that had an album coming out, and I got it the minute it came out. I have stood in front of a mirror and lipsynched Paul Stanley vocals, made faces, made Paul faces in the mirror, okay? So I am going to say I don’t think I’m out of line to say that I have an opinion and that I feel that the Gene [Simmons]. Not the Gene, the Ace Frehley impersonator playing guitar now is an insult to fans. People disagree. That’s fine. People agree. That’s fine. But Paul reacted to me making a statement — anything negative about KISS… I mean, you’re not allowed to do that, apparently — and decided to call me a wannabe and a buffoon. And I had to address that in an open letter to Paul, where I pretty much took him out at the knees.”

Twister Sister‘s bassist Mark Mendoza later joined in and commented on the Paul Stanley “buffoon” insult towards Twisted Sister by stating: “My comment? I would not even acknowledge that moron. What? Are you kidding me?” Snider then stated, “That’s where he went wrong. I said, if I was Paul and I wanted to like diss Dee Snider, and I wanted to put me in my place — when they said, when Chris Jericho said ‘Oh. What do you think about what Dee Snider said?’ If I was Paul, I would have said ‘Who?'”

Snider went on to tell his Gene Simmons encounter: “I am still trying to get over the fact that Gene is a big fan of Twisted Sister. Let me tell you about my Gene Simmons encounter — Gene Simmons encounter. Gene is on my morning show years ago. After the show, Gene takes my phone and says [in Snider‘s Gene Simmons voice], ‘Dee. Take my phone number and give me a call sometime.’ So I am like ‘Whoa! Gene Simmons!’ I always felt that we get along. We like the same influences, Alice Cooper, Slade, you know? He does not drink. He does not do drugs. Like, oh wow! This is cool. So a few months go by and I’m not like going to admit he gave me his number and ring up and be like ‘Hey Gene. What’s going on?’ So, I am not going to be a dick about it. So I said, ‘You know what? I am going to give Gene a call.’ So I dial ‘1″ and dial Gene and I’m like, ‘Hey Gene! This is Dee Snider!’ [In Snider‘s Gene Simmons voice] ‘How did you get this phone number?’ It’s the first thing he said. ‘How did you get this phone?’ I said ‘Oh, er, what… You gave it to me. Uhhh. Do you want me to hang up?’ He goes, ‘No. It’s just so strange that I would give you this number.’ Delete, delete, delete, delete. And that’s my Gene… I am shocked that he loves my band.”

Both Snider and Mendoza were asked if they had any final words to say to Stanley and/or KISS.

Snider stated, “Paul, I love your band, I love your music. Why do you have to be such a dick? Alice Cooper is not a dick. Alice Cooper has inspired a million people and he’s the coolest guy in the world, yet Gene and Paul, you know, they’ve got this arrogance about them, like the world owes them something. We do owe you something, but let us offer it; don’t insist we buy it from you.”

Mendoza commented that, “Paul, I toured with you guys when I was in The Dictators in the ’70s. That’s ’77 — Detroit city rock tour. And it was incredible! I was blown away! I am a mega KISS fan. There is no need to do this.”

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