Dee Snider heading into recording studio for next solo album with same band and producer

Dee Snider heading into recording studio for next solo album with same band and producer

Great news for fans of Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider as the singer is working on a follow up to his solo album For The Love of Metal with the same band (Nicky Bellmore on drums and Charlie Bellmore on guitar and bass) and Jamey Jasta as producer once again.

Snider posted the following Tweet earlier today:

“Here’s some actual breaking news for you…it looks like I’m heading back into the studio to record my next solo album. We are already writing material. Same band and Jamey Jasta producing. You (and the others reading this tweet) are the first to know.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of For The Love of Metal:

For The Love of Metal came to fruition when Hatebreed frontman, Jamey Jasta, suggested to Snider that he do another record which would be contemporary metal and Jasta offered to be a part of it. Snider mulled it over and then took Jasta up on the offer. Dee relinquished control of the songwriting and gave the reins to Jasta who would collect the songs and bring them to Dee and determine which would be the best fit for the album. While For The Love of Metal isn’t a ‘perfect’ album, it’s got some pretty damn fine moments on it. In addition to guest songwriters, Jasta hooked Dee up with a band to cut the tracks. The result is a bombastic sounding album that sounds akin to Dee’s Widowmaker album Stand By For Pain. While that wasn’t as accessible as the Widowmaker debut album, it was metal and after We Are The Ones, he can only go up from there.”

For The Love of Metal was the best album of the year in 2018 for Sleaze Roxx IT webmaster Ed DeGagne who stated in the Sleaze Roxx Writers’ Top Five Albums of 2018:

“A little background here — I am not a huge “metal” guy. But damn, a good album is a good album, no matter what the genre. I wasn’t a huge Twisted Sister fan as a teenager, and I thought “We’re Not Gonna Take It” was a horrible song, and an even worse video. And even though I wasn’t a huge metal guy, all of their other songs were anthemic, hard hitting, and more reflective of what Twisted Sister is/was, regardless of what light “We’re Not Gonna Take It” put them in on MTV. As a result, I ended up being a little more than casual fan of not only the band, but Dee Snider as well.

Yes, we know Dee Snider didn’t write the songs on this album. But, the people who did are clearly HUGE Twisted Sister/Dee Snider fans and get the vibe and groove that Twisted Sister and Dee have maintained over the last 30+ years. In my opinion, they absolutely nailed it with this album. Dee‘s vocal performance is simply superb — classic Dee — hard hitting, heavy, unapologetic, in your face. Seeing that backed up on his current tour made me that much more of a Dee fan this year. He is one of the best frontmen in the business. I find myself going back to this album, over and over. I like it that much. Every song is just so damn good. Every time I hear “American Made” or “For The Love Of Metal” (just to name a couple), I am instantly banging my head and stomping my feet. Did I mention I am not a “huge” metal guy? If a metal album has this old sleaze rocker acting like a teenager every time the headphones go on with this disc playing, then it’s gotta be good in this guy’s book.

Note: Get out and see Dee Snider on this tour, it’s an absolute killer show for an absolutely killer album featuring a living legend among metal frontmen.”