Dee Snider recalls his favourite Twisted Sister memory — the ‘Platinum Dance’

Dee Snider recalls his favourite Twisted Sister memory — the ‘Platinum Dance’

One day ago, Twisted Sister posted a video clip on Facebook where their frontman Dee Snider was asked what is his favourite memory in the history of the band.

Snider replied (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “You know, I always go with the first thing that pops in my brain and I’m sure there’s other memories like if I really started thinking about it but the one that always come to mind is the “platinum dance.” When Twisted Sister — Stay Hungry went platinum, we were on the road and we found out it was — we arrived at the venue without sound check. I’ll talk loud so the plane doesn’t drown me out and we spontaneously started going ‘Platinum, platinum, [starts singing while dancing] platinum, platinum, platinum, platinum.’ And we started doing a dance where all of us down the hallways and the crew in the van —  [while doing a little dance] ‘Platinum, platinum, platinum, platinum, platinum, platinum, platinum.’

And I always remember the ‘Platinum Dance.’ It’s a moment where we had done it and we were all just sharing the joy of proving everybody wrong and Twisted Sister [was] right! Gold was something. That was a good moment at Nassau Coliseum where I’d always gone to concerts. We were given our gold albums. That was cool but platinum was just the ‘Platinum Dance.’ That’s my best memory!”

Wikipedia reports that Stay Hungry was the only Twisted Sister album to be certified platinum and by 1995, it had gained multi-platinum status in the United States of America with sales of more than 3,000,000 copies.

Twisted Sister‘s “I Wanna Rock” video (from Stay Hungry album):