Dee Snider releases video for track “Lies Are A Business”

Dee Snider releases video for track “Lies Are A Business”

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider has released a video for the song “Lies Are A Business” from his latest solo album For The Love Of Metal, which was released via Napalm Records back in late July 2018.

For The Love Of Metal finished at #16 on the Sleaze Roxx Readers’ Top 20 Albums of 2018 to which Sleaze Roxx stated:

“For many of Twisted Sister‘s key years, singer Dee Snider was writing pretty much all of the band’s material including the hits / anthems “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and “I Wanna Rock.” Eventually, it seems that Snider got comfortable (perhaps family life and raising four children with his wife Suzette) and those great songs just weren’t coming out of him anymore. After releasing his first new song in 20 years — the solid AC/DC styled song “To Hell And Back” — to a cricket like reception, Snider released the rather awful record We Are The Ones in 2016 and it seemed that we would likely never get another Snider solo album ever again. In comes along Hatebreed singer Jamey Jasta who challenged Snider to do a true metal album.

The best part for Snider was likely that he didn’t have to write the songs himself as Jasta collected the songs and brought them to him to determine which ones would best fit on the album. The result is exactly what was envisioned. Snider‘s For The Love Of Metal is a true metal album that has some modern metal influences to it but at the same time, has that familiar feel with Snider‘s powerful voice. It seems that Snider may not be done just yet as For The Love Of Metal is a fine return to form for the Twisted Sister frontman and we can almost — and I mean almost — forget his missteps in the six or seven years before that which consisted of Dee Does Broadway (2012) and We Are The Ones (2016).

Dee Snider’s “Lies Are A Business” video:

DEE SNIDER – Lies Are A Business (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Order “For The Love Of Metal” here:”The socio-political message of “Lies Are a Business” is more important at this momen…