Dee Snider taking a break from performing concerts and not sure if and when he’ll be back

Dee Snider taking a break from performing concerts and not sure if and when he’ll be back

Twister Sister frontman Dee Snider apparently needs a break from performing rock concerts. The legendary frontman and performer announced the following on his Instagram account yesterday (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx):

“Well, now that my summer shows are over, I can tell you that I am taking a break from concert performing for a while. I’ve got no more concerts the rest of this year. 2020, I’m clearing the boards there as well. We’ll see what happens after that. In the meantime, you’ll see me around. I’ll be popping up here and there. I’ll be doing a song with other people but as far as concerts go, that’s got to take a break. Umm. I’ll be working on my novel. I’ve got some movies in production, a television show, things like that and I’ve got some family situations to take care of. Everything’s cool but got to take care of the home fires every now and then, you know? So not sure when I’ll be back on the concert stage. If I’ll be back, we’ll see but I’m taking a break for a while. Talk to you soon.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following of Snider‘s live performance in a retro concert review of a Twisted Sister show that took place at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada back in December 2006: “With more than 3,000 shows under their belt, Twisted Sister quickly proved that there is virtually nothing that can replace experience. The band put on a great performance from start to finish. Lead vocalist Dee Snider easily proved why he is the best frontman in rock ‘n’ roll as he had the crowd, including myself, laughing at times but also seriously pumping our fists and screaming our guts out. Quite simply, Snider is a master at what he does. He knows just what to say to win a crowd over and get people “motivated” to sing out loud and throw their fists into the air.”

Dee Snider on Instagram: “Did I neglect to mention….”

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