Deep Purple Legend Ian Gillan Releasing New CD


February 5, 2009

Eagle Rock Entertainment is proud to announce the release of One Eye To Morocco, the first studio album with all new material in 10 years from legendary Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan, released through subsidiary Eagle Records on March 31

Produced and recorded in Canada with maestro Nick Blagona, the music was written by Ian Gillan together with long-time collaborator Steve Morris, as well as Michael Lee Jackson and Rodney Appleby – who both performed on the “Gillan’s Inn” US tour, as featured on the double album/DVD Live in Anaheim (released through Edel Entertainment).

The musicians are: Michael Lee Jackson – Guitar, Rodney Appleby – Bass, Howard Wilson – Drums, Joe Menonna – Saxophone, Lance Anderson – Hammond Organ, and Jesse O’Brien – Keyboards.

The voice is instantly recognizable; Ian Gillan’s unique style draws you in. One Eye To Morocco goes deeper into the roots of Rock and Roll, Soul and Blues, than any other Ian Gillan solo album.

The CD is the most adventurous and complete album Ian Gillan has recorded in his long career. His distinguished style admired by generations of Deep Purple fans is showcased, as well as his musical versatility. The title track is a seductive orchestration supporting Gillan’s entrancing style, followed by the pure Rock and Roll of “No Lotion For That”, while “Better Days” and “Always The Traveler” are inspired Soul ballads.

“From a cafe in the Jewish Quarter of Cracow, where the conceptual seeds were sown, to harvest time at a Toronto studio, this is a magical journey for me,” says Gillan. “Sitting alone in my room, waiting for no one to call me, lost in a dream of my own…”

Track listing:
1. One Eye To Morocco
2. No Lotion For That
3. Don’t Stop
4. Change My Ways
5. Girl Goes To Show
6. Better Days
7. Deal With It
8. Ultimate Groove
9. The Sky Is Falling Down
10. Texas State Of Mind
11. It Would Be Nice
12. Always The Traveler

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