Def Leppard Announce ‘Shots From The Sparkle Tour, Volume 2’


November 10, 2009

Def Leppard Announce 'Shots From The Sparkle Tour, Volume 2'After last year’s success of “SHOTS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE”, the 80-page, velvet covered coffee table book full of photos taken during the band’s 2008 UK tour, it was inevitable that we would leave it at that….. Therefore, we are happy to announce the arrival of VOLUME 2 in the series!

Volume 2 contains another 80 pages of never-before seen photos taken by the band’s house photographer Ash Newell, focusing on the 2009 rehearsals, 2 shows in Dublin, and the highly successful headlining show at Donington’s Download Festival. And to top it all off, it comes with many liner notes from the band.

Printed on high quality glossy paper, and bound with a grey velvet hardcover, this volume is strictly limited to only 500 copies, 250 of which personally signed by all five band members. A standard version will be made availabe as well, and for those who have been wondering where the standard version of the first volume went…..that one is coming too!

Those who purchased the signed version of Volume 1 last year, will get a first shot at ordering the signed version of Volume 2. An email will be sent out later today to those first 250 Volume 1 buyers, giving them the opportunity to place their orders until FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13 AT 8AM (EST). After that, members of the Def Leppard Fan Club will be able to place their orders for the signed or unsigned version. Then on Monday, November 16 at noon, orders will be accepted from everyone else.

Quantities are strictly limited to 250 signed versions, and 250 unsigned versions, which makes this second volume in the series just as rare as the first. The price of the books are also the same as Volume 1: $299 for the signed version, and $149 for the unsigned version (shipping and handling not included).

Check your email later today to see if you get access to the “first 250 buyers” presale. It will contain details on how and where you can order your copy! (Please note that we will only send emails to the addresses we collected during the sale of the first volume. If you have changed your email address since then, we’re sorry but the automated system, connected to Paypal, does not allow for sending the email to different email addresses than we have on file.)

And of course we will also have another calendar available for 2010! Not only will we have a standard wall calendar this time, but also a desk version. Both calendars will not only present you with some classic Def Leppard photos/artwork every single month, but also includes interesting trivia on historic dates in Def Leppard history — release dates, tour milestones, and more! The calendar will also be made available exclusively to members of the Fan Club starting Friday, November 13 at 8AM, and on Monday, November 16 at noon it will be available for everyone else. Even though the availability of these calendars is not as limted as the coffee table books, there’s still only a limited amount so after these are sold out, they will not be reprinted.

Images from the book and calendars will be added soon…..stand by!

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