Def Leppard Apologizes for Slow Shipping Of Coffee Table Book


December 29, 2008

Def leppard have posted the following message at their official website in regards to their coffee table book Shots From The Sparkle Tour, which can be ordered at

We have been getting a few emails from people who ordered the Shots From The Sparkle Tour coffee table book and the 2009 calendar, asking us why they haven’t received their merchandise yet.

Please note that due to the overwhelming success of the book and calendar and the unexpected amount of orders, as well as the holiday season, delivery may take a little longer than usual. While normal delivery time would be around 1-2 weeks, during these times it may take the postal service 3, sometimes even 4 weeks or more.

At this time all ordered books and calendars have been sent out, and if you still have not received it yet there is a very good possibility the merchandise is still on its way to you. If your merchandise has not arrived 6-8 weeks after ordering, please contact us and we will start an investigation. Until then, we are sorry but we can not give tracking numbers for each individual order. Books and calendars are processed in very limited quantities and the ordering process is not fully automated.

Also please note: each item is sent seperately. If you ordered a calendar and a book at the same time, it is very possible that your calendar and your book will arrive weeks apart. This is a postal service issue and unfortunately we are unable to do anything about it.

We apologize for any delays in delivery but we are doing all we can. Thank you for understanding!

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