Def Leppard Offer ‘Clips From The Sparkle Year’


January 3, 2009

In 2008, Def Leppard extensively used the photographic services of Ash Newell, resulting in hundreds of great pictures. Some of those you’ve seen on this web site here and there, others have been used in projects such as the deluxe coffee table book Shots From The Sparkle Tour and the 2009 wall calendar.

Now, as a look back on this year, Ash has compiled a little video showcasing his collaboration with the band called “Clips from the Sparkle Year”, and it will be introduced by the man himself…

“2008 was quite the year for me. Being asked by the Def Lep guys to go on tour in the UK was not only a professional goal but a personal one that was happily met. During the tour and the rehearsals for Crossroads with Taylor Swift and the NHL show in Detroit I had with me my little Canon digicam that records video. On the few occasions that I wasn’t shooting with the big cameras I took the opportunity to roll footage on that little camera, trying to catch some of the moments that happen away from the stage and showing not only the band but some of the great people that work behind the scenes and keep things running smoothly for Def Lep.”

“Anyway, it was fun going through all the footage. Go easy on my editing skills as I’m new to it. Hope that you enjoy what you see. Many thanks to the Lepps and their great team for such a memorable year and thanks to all the fans for your support.”

“Cheers me dears!”

The video can be viewed at this location.

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