Def Leppard Releasing Deluxe Edition Of ‘Slang’ In February

Def Leppard Releasing Deluxe Edition Of ‘Slang’ In February

January 22, 2014

Def Leppard will release a Deluxe Edition of their classic 1996 album ‘Slang’ across multiple formats on February 11th.

The ‘Slang’ reissue will be available in three formats: a CD Deluxe Edition and Digital Edition containing the original 11 album tracks re-mastered and original rare bonus tracks made up of demos, alternate versions and mixes with a series of new songs recorded during the time the band was creating ‘Slang’. Most of these additional bonus tracks have never been released. A special iTunes Digital Edition will have everything from the Digital Edition, plus a further set of additional bonus tracks. A Double Vinyl Deluxe Edition will also be available and will feature the original album, and its own set of exclusive songs.

The band will release a special ‘Slang Video Collection’ on the same day (February 11th) exclusively on iTunes that will feature videos from the singles “Slang”, “Work It Out”, and “All I’ve Ever Wanted”.

‘Slang’ was first released in May 1996 and is considered the band’s most underrated album. At the time of its release, the music industry was at the height of the ’90s grunge scene with bands like Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam dominating the airwaves. Despite this musical shift, ‘Slang’ charted on the Top Five UK Official Chart and the Top 15 in the US on Billboard’s Top 200 Chart, plus the UK rock magazine Q named the project as one of the Top 10 Albums of the Year.

As a testament to their music transcending through time, ‘Slang’ was recognized for its musical departure from the band’s signature sound. The collection incorporated new sonic elements that gave the album a slightly darker introspective mood than their previous releases. As guitarist Phil Collen stated in an interview with Metal Hammer UK, “We’ve all got personal things that have happened during the recording of Slang, and we’ve just ploughed on and some of it has come out on the record.”

‘Slang’ Deluxe Edition track listing (CD/Digital Edition):

Disc One:
01. Truth?
02. Turn to Dust
03. Slang
04. All I Want Is Everything
05. Work It Out
06. Breathe a Sigh
07. Deliver Me
08. Gift of Flesh
09. Blood Runs Cold
10. Where Does Love Go When It Dies
11. Pearl of Euphoria
12. Move with Me Slowly
13. Truth? (Original Version)
14. Burn Out
15. Worlds Collide
16. Can’t Keep Away from the Flame

Disc Two:
01. Turn to Dust (1st Draft)
02. Raise Your Love
03. All I Want Is Everything (1st Draft)
04. Work It Out (1st Draft)
05. Breathe a Sigh (Rough Mix)
06. Deliver Me (Rough Mix)
07. Black Train
08. Blood Runs Cold (Rough Mix)
09. Where Does Love Go When It Dies (1st Draft)
10. Pearl of Euphoria (Rough Mix)
11. All on Your Touch (2012 Revisit)
12. Anger Me (Deliver Me -1st Draft)
13. Move on Up (Viv Demo)
14. Gift of Flesh (Phil Vocal)

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