Def Leppard Screw Up During NHL Face-Off Rocks Segment


October 10, 2008

Every time I think there’s no way the NHL could do anything stupider, they always wind up surprising me. As you may or may not know, the NHL for some reason decided that Def Leppard – who hasn’t been relevant in about 20 years – would be the right band to have play during the NHL Face-Off Rocks opening night festivities on Thursday in Detroit. What, was Fats Domino unavailable?

But as bad as that was, nothing will ever top this. During the performance, a few of the Detroit Red Wings players paraded around the stage with the Cup before handing it off to Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliot. And what did Elliot do? Why, he placed the Stanley Cup upside down on a nearby table, of course. Doh. Well, you know, the Cup doesn’t exactly come with an instruction manual.

It sounds like he says “It’s upside down? Well, nevermind. We’re soccer boys, what do we know.”

That’s what you get for having a British band promote a sport they’ve never even heard of.

And to top it all of, after the performance Elliot was given a chance to make amends for his gaffe, and reportedly said this.

“It doesn’t matter anyway.”

Needless to say, don’t expect Def Leppard back for the NHL Face-Off Rocks next year.

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