Def Leppard Sued By Former Manager


December 11, 2009

Def Leppard Sued By Former reports: Trudy Green, a former manager for Def Leppard, has filed a lawsuit against the iconic eighties band for breach of oral contract, fraud, and intentional interference of a contract among others. Green is also suing the accountant for Def Leppard among others.

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The court documents state that Green had been a manager for the band since 2005. Trouble arose when the band was going to go on tour in 2008.

“Plaintiff was not paid its earned commissions on this tour pursuant to the Agreement and, after the Band had been paid, spent the next several months working with Def Leppard’s accountants and other professionals to determine the amount of commissions due, and to ultimately receive payment,” the documents said. Green is seeking at least $700,000 in damages, and is seeking a jury trial.

Green believes she is owed $75,000 in commissions for the 2008 tour, $85,725 for commissions from merchandise sales, and $551,250 in commissions for the 2009 US tour.

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