Def Leppard Teams Up With Primary Wave


December 18, 2009

Def Leppard Teams Up With Primary WaveDef Leppard has announced a new partnership with Primary Wave Music Publishing & Marketing, one of the largest music publishers in the United States. Primary Wave will will help ensure that Def Leppard’s entire catalogue of music will be spread to a wider audience, by marketing the songs to be included in more movies, TV shows, radio, video games and other outlets.

The band are excited about the new partnership and can’t wait to see their music reach a new generation of Def Leppard fans!

Also, Def Leppard’s long-time tour manager (and cook, caretaker, 6th member, friend, tech guy, glue-that-holds-the-band-together, Welshman, etc, to many of you also known as Stumpus Maximus) decided it was time to embrace today’s technology and start Twittering. One problem though; while the “direct line to the band’s fans” of Twitter is definitely appealing, the 140 character limit is not.

So here’s what we’re gonna do.

Malvin will twitter (or “tweet”, as they say…) his stories, often accompanied by some interesting, never-seen-before photos, through Def Leppard’s official Twitter account. But, because of the 140-character limit, you will only see a short teaser, accompanied by a direct link to the full story. Consider it “Twitter Plus”.

These stories will not be announced (or linked to) on the main site; you’ll have to follow Def_Leppard on Twitter to get them!

We promise you it’ll be worth it. Straight from the lion’s den, Follow Def Leppard on Twitter NOW.

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