Def Leppard To Release Their First Live Album

Def Leppard To Release Their First Live Album

January 4, 2011

Def Leppard are planning to release their first live album this year, according to frontman Joe Elliott.

In a video interview with the Artisan News Service, which you can watch below, Elliott said that the band are methodically selecting their best live recordings for the album from their recent world tour.

“We’ve got the entire tour backed up onto three or four hard drives,” he said. “So we have the unenviable task of listening to probably 50 versions of every song we’ve ever played.”

He said that the band have their sound engineer going through the tracks, but it is taking time.

He admitted: “You’ve got to listen to them (the songs) two or three times to make sure nothing bad slips through. By autumn we should have it [the live album] down though.”

Despite being together for over 33 years Def Leppard have never realised a full live album – only an EP, ‘Live: In The Clubs, In Your Face’, recorded in Germany in 1992 and only featuring four songs.

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