Details on Blood Divisions’ second upcoming EP

Details on Blood Divisions’ second upcoming EP

Blood Divisions‘ founder and Nasty Savage guitarist David Austin has announced that he has started working on a second Blood Divisions EP and he provided some details (with slight revisions) in that regard:

“DONE DEAL!!!!!!!!
Proud to say I will start work on
Starting next week were all fired up
Don’t know who exactly is playing
What on this ep yet but will keep you posted.
The song list is as follows
1) A brand new jacked up version of the Nasty Savage classic “No Sympathy.”
2) The UFO classic “Hot And Ready.”
3) “Deoxynbonucleic Acid” – which will be an 8 to 10 minute instrumental!!!!.
“The Morgue” and “Top Of The Bill” will be added to this release and this WILL BE ON CD this time!!!!!
Thanks for reading, im so fired up its ridiculous. Ready to get to work, I promise not to disappoint! !!!!!!.”

Sleaze Roxx recently interviewed Austin who explained how Blood Divisions got started: “The start of Blood Divisions was basically an accident. I was in Florida working at the time. Myself and Ed Aborn — who produced, engineered and played drums on “Top Of The Bill” — decided to re-record an old Scorpions tune for the fun of it. Since I am a fan of them from back in ’78, I wanted to record “Top Of The Bill.” After we decided to do this, Chris Jericho — a long time friend of Ed’s — called him and wanted to sing it. I said “Sure! Sounds like fun.” Jericho also did some vocals on the Nasty Savage release Psycho Psycho [back in] 2004. So after that, I decided to re-record “The Morgue” for the hell of it. That’s the only Nasty Savage tune I wrote both music and lyrics [for] so I know there would be no bullshit from former members. So I talked to the rest of the guys — Butler, Gall, Santolla, Meyer, Owen and Mahoney — about doing an extended version, and they said “Hell yes!” I’ve known all those guys for 30 plus years.”

Blood Divisions coverSleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Blood Divisions‘ debut self-titled two-song EP: “Blood Divisions may be billed as a “supergroup” but I think that the artists on the release do not (yet) individually deserve the “superstar” title or collectively the “supergroup” moniker. There is no doubt that lead vocalist Chris Jericho has achieved superstar status in the wrestling business and arguably as a best-selling author but I think that it is a real stretch to call him a superstar in the music industry on the strength of his work in Fozzy. I suppose if you consider the artists in Blood Divisions solely within the state of Florida, each might well deserve “superstar” status. Blood Divisions‘ self-titled digital EP, which consists of only two cover songs, is really akin to someone dipping a few of their toes in the water to see how warm the water is. It feels like the release is simply a test run to see if there will be any interest in Blood Divisions and if there is enough interest, these artists may well converge together once again to perhaps put out a lengthier release.”

The one thing that sets the Blood Divisions project apart is that the proceeds go to charity. Austin stated to Sleaze Roxx when he was interviewed that: “I was on my way back leaving the studio and the idea of a charity just came to me after thinking about people arguing about money. So I talked with Metal Blade about it and they liked the idea — 50% to them, 50% mine.”