Devine Electric about to release new album

Devine Electric about to release new album

Devine Electric CD cover 2Australian rockers, Devine Electric, have at last completed their first full length album which is self-titled and scheduled to be released next month. The band released a video last year for the song “It Happens All The Time” featuring a heavy slide guitar and huge riff from Ivor Radocaj and their delightfully snotty lead vocalist Eli Reskov displaying his full-on Axl Rose-esque chops. Devine Electric also released a complete teaser of the entire upcoming album on YouTube.

Devine Electric‘s Facebook bio states in part (with slight edits):

Devine Electric is an Australian Hard Rock band formed in Sydney, N.S.W. 2005.

At a time when pretentious and lack lustre acts were dominating the local Sydney venues, Devine Electric brought a raw and uplifting form of dirty rock crashing back into the local scene.

All band members have often been noted for their diversity and range in song writing; from their hard edged “It Happens All The Time”, “Rock Bottom”, to the more vulnerable and sensitive “Sweet Temptation” and “Don’t Lie To Me”.

Devine Electric’s music is solid, bluesy, raw and honest- everything a good hard rock band should be.

After a successful year together, which included scoring major supports (Rose Tattoo) and being picked up by Big Deal Inc (Michael Browning AC/DC, Noiseworks, Sam Righi – Frontier Touring Company and Harbour Agency); the quick rise to success eventually led to tensions and division within the band, leading to its demise soon after.

After a year hiatus, the smoke cleared and the realisation of a good thing shone through. Bit by bit, the band regrouped and all issues were left at the door- emerging stronger than ever.

Devine Electric continued to showcase their musical flair and striking visual presence supporting Pretty Boy Floyd in 2009 and sell-out 2010 tour with Stryper on the east coast of Oz….

Devine Electric recorded their self titled EP which featured crowd favourites “Don’t Feel Like Home” & “Sweet Temptation”. On the back of their best work to date, more international supports came their way with the Lost Angels tour in late 2012, also Lita Ford and ex-Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke in 2013.

Early 2015 saw the release and album teaser single “It Happens All The Time”. With the full length album being scheduled for release early 2016.”


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