Devine Electric release video for Billy Joel sounding song “Don’t Lie To Me”

Devine Electric release video for Billy Joel sounding song “Don’t Lie To Me”

Aussie hard rockers Devine Electric have released a video for their song “Don’t Lie To Me” from their self-titled album, which was released back in February 2016.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Devine Electric‘s self-titled album: “Will the real Devine Electric please stand up? I am not sure which band that I am listening to from track to track on Devine Electric‘s self-titled debut album. Is it the Billy Joel sounding keyboard focused “Don’t Lie To Me” or perhaps it’s the Helix sounding “Tears You Cry?” Is it the Deep Purple organ fuelled a la Jon Lord beginning to the track “I Wanna Change The World?” Is it the Aerosmith like pot pourri of instruments from congas to a harmonica that can be heard on “You’re So Vicious?” It is quite tough to define Devine Electric‘s musical inclinations because the band is all over the place on its debut album.”

In terms of the song “Don’t Lie To Me”, Sleaze Roxx stated in its review: “If you’re familiar with Billy Joel‘s work, just close your eyes and listen to the keyboard intro to “Don’t Like To Me” and Devine Electric singer Eli Reskov‘s singing during the verses and I dare you not to think this is Billy Joel‘s next blockbuster hit song. It’s almost a bit too much of a rip off on what Joel would do. Whatever the case, Devine Electric are quite adept with their Billy Joel impression and I would be interested in hearing them do a set of Billy Joel tunes.”

Devine Electric‘s “Don’t Lie To Me” video:

DEVINE ELECTRIC – Don’t Lie To Me (Official video clip)

Official video clip for “Don’t Feel Like Home” taken off the 2016 self titled debut album. Filmed by Noel Commins and Adam Theobald Cut and edited by Noel Commins.

Devine Electric‘s “Tears You Cry” video:


Official video clip for “Tears You Cry” taken off the 2016 self titled debut album. Live at the Croxton Bandroom, Melbourne 10/12/2016. Huge thanks to Denis, Jimmy and Andrew from “The Hard Rock Show” for having us be apart of THRS Extravaganza. All footage filmed Imperium Pictures Melbourne.