Dextress Release ‘The Demo’ EP

Dextress Release ‘The Demo’ EP

September 15, 2014

Canadian rockers Dextress released their first EP called ‘The Demo’ on August 12th and it is currently available for purchase at

Dextress is a four-man rock band based in Calgary, Alberta. The high school ages of the band members sets many people up for a surprise given the depth of the band’s musical proficiency. The band’s name Dextress is a play on the spelling of Dexterous and it reflects the band’s essence of skill and talent.

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Dextress guitarist Mark Janz described the band’s beginnings and what led to ‘The Demo’. “Each of the band members are 17 years old, except me who is 16. We’ve been together for two years. I met our vocalist at a church youth group, and we decided to form a band. Our bassist contacted us on kijiji, and was friends with our drummer. It took about a week and a half to record the demo. We picked the four songs just to keep it short for record companies, and because those were the first four songs we ever put together, so it felt like the right thing. We are all based in Calgary. Our dream is to be the next big thing for the rock (and world).”

Dextress played live at the Calgary Stampede youth talent search on July 6th which was covered by a national television network.

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