Did Buckcherry Steal The “Recovery” Riff From Florida’s Dirty Skirty?

Did Buckcherry Steal The “Recovery” Riff From Florida’s Dirty Skirty?

February 3, 2012

A young Florida band by the name of Dirty Skirty are wondering if Buckcherry stole the guitar riff in the song “Recovery” from their own composition “Virgin Slayer” — listen below and see what you think.

The music to “Virgin Slayer” was written by original Dirty Skirty guitarist Scott Beasley with lyrics penned by voclaist Luke Stephens. The band recorded the song in 2008 and sent it to Buckcherry’s management as a demo in early 2009.

Dirty Skirty frontman Luke Stephens tells Sleaze Roxx, “We went into Kingsland, Georgia at Martell Studios in March of 2008 and “Virgin Slayer” was one of the first five tracks we recorded. By Christmas of 2008 we had a five song CD that we were all very proud of. In January of 2009 I sent a copy of the album to Buckcherry’s manager in New York with hopes and dreams of us getting lucky and getting on a tour with them… or maybe them recognizing what we did and buying a song or two. I never heard back from them.”

In May of 2010 Dirty Skirty would release their debut CD ‘Long Live Rock N’ Roll’, currently available at CDBaby.com and Amazon.com. Buckcherry would follow shortly after with ‘All Night Long’ in August, containing the controversial “Recovery” song, an album that reached #10 on the Billboard charts during it’s six-week run.

“I was in New York City to record what should have been the “Dirty Angel” music video, but we got screwed by the drugged-up producer and it ended up just being a show and vacation. That week I bought Buckcherry’s ‘All Night Long’ album and once it got to the track “Recovery” I felt like I just walked in on my girlfriend getting nailed,” recalls Stephens. “I finally pulled a couple moves and got Buckcherry’s manager on the phone and played dumb. I asked him if he had heard of Dirty Skirty and he said yes (I never told him I was in the band).”

However Stephens doesn’t hold any grudges towards Buckcherry. “Even though it’s pretty blatant we got ripped off I still support and enjoy the band. “Recovery” is probably as close as Dirty Skirty is ever gonna get to us reaching a million people.”

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