Diehard Dolls Debut “Hourglass” Video

Diehard Dolls Debut “Hourglass” Video

May 12, 2013

On the back of being named the 13th best video of 2012 in Classic Rock Magazine with “Finish What You Started”, the Diehard Dolls let loose with their next installment of Dirty OzRock with “Hourglass”. This time the video was filmed in the Diehard Dolls’ jam room at dB — live, loud and awesomely ludicrous.

The Diehard Dolls deliver a powerhouse set of original material worthy of any diehard rock fan’s vision of a great band and a great night out. The Diehard Dolls hail from the belly of the underground Melbourne/Victorian Australian rock scene and are in fact a super-group by definition and have been known to wear supersuits — of chainmail and spandex.

Kromy, the Diehard Dolls guitarist, says, “We aim to bypass the brain and hit the crotch,” while singer Lukey continues, “With a big bad babe and a bottle of scotch”. Lazza, the Diehard Dolls drummer, calls the band’s sound, “Power rock, solid rock foundation, explosive constructive emotionally mixed sounds with brilliant lyrical imagination with colourful indepth mind bending meaning, leaving you in a transformation off into another universe” — although he might have been tripping when he the uttered this. Bassist Mango continues, “We clear gunk out of ears,” while Lukey concludes, “We’re coming at ya — like a freight train, we play it hard — livin’ up to the name, we got a ticket and we’re only goin’ one way, we’re gunna hit ya — like a hurricane!”

For more information visit www.thedieharddolls.com and www.facebook.com/thedieharddolls.

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