Dirkschneider’s new setlist of Accept classics

Dirkschneider’s new setlist of Accept classics

After a very successful Back To The Roots Tour where former Accept lead vocalist Udo Dirkschneider announced that he was playing Accept classics for the very last time under the name Dirkschneider, the diminutive but powerful singer is back with the aptly named tour Back To The Roots Part II Tour. Dirkschneider had promised a different setlist and he has delivered with one song from Breaker (1981), two from Restless And Wild (1982), three from Balls To The Walls (1983), one from Metal Heart (1985), three from Russian Roulette, surprisingly one from Eat The Heat (1989) which featured Dirkschneider’s replacement at the time David Reece, five from Objection Overruled (1993), two from Death Row (1994) and one from Predator (1996).

Track List for Dirkschneider’s Back To The Roots Part II Tour:
01. The Beast Inside (Death Row album)
02. Aiming High (Russian Roulette album)
03. Bulletproof (Objection Overruled album)
04. Slaves To Metal (Objection Overruled album)
05. Another Second To Be (Russian Roulette album)
06. Protectors Of Terror (Objection Overruled album)
07. Fight It Back (Balls To The Wall album)
08. Can’t Stand The Night (Breaker album)
09. Amamos La Vida (Objection Overruled album)
10. Stone Evil (Death Row album)
11. Hard Attack (Predator album)
12. Love Child (Balls To The Wall album)
13. Objection Overruled (Objection Overruled album)
14. X-T-C (Eat The Heat album)
15. Russian Roulette ‘War Games’ (Russian Roulette album)
16. Princess Of The Dawn (Restless & Wild album)
17. Metal Heart (Metal Heart album)
18. Fast As A Shark (Restless & Wild album)
19. Balls To The Wall (Balls To The Wall album)

Dirkschneider‘s “Restless And Wild” (live in Brno) video:

DIRKSCHNEIDER – Restless And Wild (2017) // Live in Brno // AFM Records

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