Dirtbag Love Affair featuring ex-21st CG singer Tony Leone to release new EP ‘All Spit’ on July 14th

Dirtbag Love Affair featuring ex-21st CG singer Tony Leone to release new EP ‘All Spit’ on July 14th

Former 21st Century Goliath singer Tony Leone is back with a vengeance as his “new” band (or more like former band that he has rejoined) Dirtbag Love Affair will be releasing a new EP titled All Spit on July 14, 2017. The EP will only be available in digital formats.

Before Leone fronted 21st Century Goliath from 2012 to 2015, he was the lead vocalist for Dirtbag Love Affair who released two albums, Wakin’ Up In My Chucks (2009) and Good Riddance (2012).

Sleaze Roxx interviewed Leone back in March 2016 and asked him why he left Dirbag Love Affair in the first place to which he stated: “I think one reason was Devin [Holiday] the guitarist moved to Atlanta [Georgia, USA]. I’m here in Charlotte [North Carolina, USA] and that’s well over four hours south of here. We were going to try to make it work with the travelling but the reality is that he had two bands that were every bit tour worthy and trying to write, record and play dates on the east coast like we try to do here, it’s really tough to commit. And sometimes you have to be a little more flexible in a band and be able to pick up a gig at the last minute if it’s a good gig. At the time, I had been with Dirtbag for a while and I really liked the material that I was hearing which was the ‘Radio Destroyer’ material. I just made a decision to give 21st Century Goliath a shot and you know, I am happy I did.”

In terms of why Leone decided to reunite with Dirtbag Love Affair, the singer stated: “[Laughs] We never stopped being friends for one thing. It’s probably no secret to a lot of people that know me from Goliath that if you get into my rock n’ roll taste, it’s… I also like real old school punk rock n’ roll, street rock n’ roll… And I had gone to London [England] to see Michael Monroe and Hardcore Superstar, and just fell back in love with the performance, the songwriting… I am a huge fan of both of those bands anyways. But I was going “Oh my God.” This is sort of Dirtbag Love Affair CD coverthe arena that Dirtbag was in. Maybe a little more punk rock but that’s what Michael Monroe is too. I just called Devin when I got back and I said, “Man, let’s give this another shot.” We had written a great album called ‘Good Riddance’ ’cause we broke up…  [Laughs] I mean it was calculated and I just said, “What are we doing? We’re still friends. We have two albums of material. We still like to write music. We don’t have to stress out about the business. We’ll just write music, perform songs that we know and just try to do it again.”

You can get a preview of Dirtbag Love Affair‘s EP All Spit via their Facebook page.

Dirtbag Love Affair‘s “Say So Long” song:

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