Dirtbag Love Affair going on hiatus as guitarist moving further away for second time

Dirtbag Love Affair going on hiatus as guitarist moving further away for second time

Dirtbag Love Affair featuring former 21st Century Goliath singer Tony Leone will be going on an indefinite hiatus as the group’s guitarist Devin Holiday will be moving from Atlanta, Georgia, USA to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. The group just released a new EP titled All Spit back on July 14, 2017.

The following message was posted on Dirtbag Love Affair‘s Facebook page back on September 7, 2017:

“Going out in style….

After a 4 year hiatus we learned you never say never. We also know that after October 5th it may be another 4 years before you see us onstage again.

Two more left…

Saturday 9/16 Charlotte NC at The Milestone
Thursday 10/05 Norton WV at The Rim

Two of our favorite venues, sharing the stage with some of our best friends

That’s how you finish out a chapter”

Leone also posted a video on Dirtbag Love Affair‘s Facebook page on September 13th explaining the situation while promoting the band’s upcoming gig tonight at The Milestone in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Leone stated (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “I just wanted to give everyone a shout. Been getting some messages about the Dirtbag Love Affair show on the 16th, this Saturday, at The Milestone. The reality is that we’ve got a band member whose dipping out AGAIN — Devin. Moving to Pittsburgh. I know he’s got some cool news to give you about that at a later date but the reality is that we’ve learned never to say never. We had a wonderful time recording the EP. It’s err… Life is getting in the way again. I don’t know if this will be the last time we play but you know, it’s just telling everyone you better catch us while you can ’cause we’re not sure when’s the next time that we are going to play is. So, just wanted to give everybody an idea of what we’re looking at. Show on the 16th and again on October 5th in West Virginia. Those will be the last two for the foreseeable future until something changes. Good show comes along. Want to just get together. Me, Davey [Dirt], Scotty [Padge] and Dev will forever be brothers and the reality is that we still like making music together, obviously still so who knows what’s going to happen? But I would come this weekend, Saturday, September 16th, The Milestone so don’t take any chances. Alright you all. Peace out.”

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Back in or about early 2016, Dirtbag Love Affair had reformed after first breaking up in 2012. Sleaze Roxx interviewed Leone in February and March 2016  and the latter stated the following about what made the band reunite back in or about early 2016: “We never stopped being friends for one thing. It’s probably no secret to a lot of people that know me from Goliath that if you get into my rock n’ roll taste, it’s… I also like real old school punk rock n’ roll, street rock n’ roll… And I had gone to London [England] to see Michael Monroe and Hardcore Superstar, and just fell back in love with the performance, the songwriting… I am a huge fan of both of those bands anyways. But I was going “Oh my God.” This is sort of the arena that Dirtbag was in. Maybe a little more punk rock but that’s what Michael Monroe is too. I just called Devin when I got back and I said, “Man, let’s give this another shot.” We had written a great album called ‘Good Riddance’ ’cause we broke up… [Laughs] I mean it was calculated and I just said, “What are we doing? We’re still friends. We have two albums of material. We still like to write music. We don’t have to stress out about the business. We’ll just write music, perform songs that we know and just try to do it again.”

When asked whether Holiday was still living in Atlanta during the February 2016 interview, Leone stated: “Yup! He just takes the Megabus, which is a couple of bucks to get here [laughs] and we’ll make it work.”

Track List for All Spit:
01. Too Far Away
02. I Go Back
03. Fools Like Me
04. You Lost Your Rhythm All You Git Is The Blues

Dirtbag Love Affair performing “Keysters” at The Milestone in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA in or about early 2011:

Dirtbag Love Affair – Keysters

Dirtbag Love AffairLive from The World Famous Milestone – Charlotte, NC.For more live local music from Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas visit us at ht…