Dirtbag Republic release debut video for new track “Junkie Girl”

Dirtbag Republic release debut video for new track “Junkie Girl”

Canadian sleaze rockers Dirtbag Republic have released their debut video for their new song “Junkie Girl” from their upcoming sophomore album Downtown Eastside, which will be released on April 7, 2017.

Dirtbag Republic‘s press release states in part:

Dirtbag Republic are a Vancouver Glunk Rock N Roll band featuring Mick Wood on lead guitar, Sandy Hazard on vocals/drums and Andrew Cairns on rhythm guitar, Kyle Richardson on Bass.

The band wears their influences on their sleeve “Hanoi Rocks, Aerosmith, Stones, Cheap Trick, Sex Pistols, NY Dolls with a healthy dose of punk attitude for good measure.

Dirtbag Republic sophomore album entitled “Downtown Eastside” which contains 10 in your face songs about homelessness, love, hate and deceit will be out April 7th 2017. The album was recorded at Hazmat Studios, Richardson Sound, The Woodshed and mixed once again by Stu McKillop at Vancouver’s Rain City Recorders….

Hazard and Wood began writing the second album during the recording of the debut as they had lots of new ideas they wanted to get down fresh. Hazard says their vision was to record an album as good or better than the debut and push themselves as writers. Their mission is to keep alive songs that stick in people’s heads for months, years. We want to make earworms that fertilize people’s brains. We want this album to hit you like a cinderblock to the head, stumble to your feet and get back again for another round. Dirtbag Republic’s Downtown Eastside will be issued on CD via the boutique punk rock label Spawner Records and will be available on all popular DDL services April 7th.

Hazard and Wood started the band in late 2014 and released their self-titled debut album “Dirtbag Republic” on Sept 30th 2015 to worldwide critical acclaim. The band has become a bit of a collective with Wood and Hazard bringing in old friends to fill in the gaps of the recording process….

In early 2016 the band added second guitarist Andrew Cairns and Kyle Richardson on bass who are both veterans of the Vancouver punk scene and old friends with Hazard and Wood. The group intends to start doing some live shows in the coming year. They’ll be looking fill the drumming vacancy later this year as Hazard wants to just focus on vocals for live shows.

Track List for Downtown Eastside:
01. Junkie Girl
02. Homeless
03. My Part Of Town
04. Fantasy World
05. Swing And A Miss
06. See You In The Morning
07. Thinking Of You
08. Don’t Shoot Your Mouth Off
09. Free Falling
10. Crawling Back To Me

Dirtbag Republic‘s “Junkie Girl” video:

Dirtbag Republic – Junkie Girl

Junkie Girl – from the brand new album available at http://www.dirtbagrepublic.comhttps://itunes.apple.com/gm/album/downtown-eastside/id1212390296Out April 7…