Dirtbag Republic release new song “Homeless” for streaming

Dirtbag Republic release new song “Homeless” for streaming

Canadian rockers Dirtbag Republic have released a new song entitled “Homeless” for streaming from their upcoming sophomore album Downtown Eastside, which is scheduled to be released on March 30, 2017. The song can also be found on the Pay It Forward compilation recently released by HighVolMusic

Dirtbag Republic‘s Biography on their Facebook page states in part (with slight edits):

Dirtbag Republic started off as an idea to put the sleaze back in rock n’ roll with zero shtick. Vancouver rock veterans Sandy Hazard (vocals/drums) & Mick Wood (guitars) were up to the task.

Wood & Hazard have been friends since 1985, when Hazard stole Wood from another group he saw at a local battle of the bands.

Years later, Hazard would call on Wood again when his then band Pretty Boy Floyd/Tommy Floyd (Canada) had just disbanded. The two were dismayed at the bandwagon grunge scene and had a vision to put together something that crossed Hanoi Rocks with the Ramones. Enter Grandma Moses, a freight train of a band that stormed the Vancouver scene, was featured in Metal Edge magazine and debut album released posthumously by Perris Records to critical acclaim. The band was also featured in Sleazegrinders Flash Metal Suicide.

After Grandma Moses imploded, Wood laid low in the scene surfacing now and then, and Hazard went on to play for 20 years with Bubblepunkers McRackins releasing 17 albums from labels around the globe. The band were featured on the legendary John Peel Show (BBC), MTV Europe, Much Music, Spin, Molson Canadian commercial and a hilariously bad feature film called Downhill Willy. The McRackins outlasted many of their contemporaries from the 90’s and consistently received critical acclaim for their albums.

Enter Dirtbag Republic. Hazard had an unstoppable urge to create an old school dragging your ass through the gutter filth rock record, with zero filler.

His first thought was to call Mick Wood to run it by him. Wood was fully onboard and the two soon began to work on 12 songs for what would soon become the album….”

Dirtbag Republic‘s “Homeless” song:

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