Dirtbag Republic release song “Socialize” for free listening

Dirtbag Republic release song “Socialize” for free listening

DR CD coverCanadian sleaze rockers, Dirtbag Republic, have released another song for the public to hear free of charge.

The release of the song “Socialize” brings the tally of songs to three from Dirtbag Republic‘s self-titled debut album that are available for free listening and follows “No Reason For Loving You” and “Little Boy Blue.”

Sleaze Roxx stated in its review of Dirtbag Republic‘s self-titled album: “Although Dirtbag Republic‘s self-titled album is a debut album, the men behind the record are not baby faces by any means to the sleaze rock genre. The architects behind the Dirtbag Republic album are none other than old friends and former Grandma Moses bandmates from more than twenty years back, drummer / lead vocalist Sandy Hazard and guitarist Mick Wood. Accordingly, although Dirtbag Republic’s self-titled album may be a “debut” album, it is one created by two guys that obviously have had a lot of chemistry in years past and who know what this genre of music is all about.”

Sleaze Roxx went to add in its review, “My favorite tracks on Dirtbag Republic are the opening track “Can You Feel It” with its grab you by the balls in your face attitude, the piano filled “Give Me A Taste” with its cool guitar solo, the fast paced “Exits & Daggers” and the peppy and catchy tracks “I Have Nothing” and “Leave The Lights On.” Man, I just named almost half the songs and I am leaving some out! Truth be told, I really like all the songs and in particular the first three tracks.”

Dirtbag Republic – Socialize

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