Dirtbag Republic release song “Swing And A Miss” for streaming

Dirtbag Republic release song “Swing And A Miss” for streaming

Canadian sleaze rockers Dirtbag Republic have released their song “Swing And A Miss” from their critically acclaimed sophomore album Downtown Eastside, which was released last month.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Downtown Eastside: “If you like the faster paced Hanoi Rocks and/or Michael Monroe songs, the odds are that you’re going to love Dirtbag Republic’s sophomore album Downtown Eastside. About a year and a half after releasing their very good self-titled debut album, the tandem of singer/drummer Sandy Hazard and lead guitarist Mick Wood are back with an even stronger album. This time around, they are also accompanied for the ride by bassist Kyle Richardson and guitarist Andrew Cairns….

Truth is, if you like the first single “Junkie Girl,” you’ll most likely enjoy all the songs on Downtown Eastside. If you love the track, odds are that you’ll love the entire album! If you hate the song… well, I don’t think it’s really possible to hate the song if you like sleaze rock! What Dirtbag Republic do very well on Downtown Eastside is come up with nine or arguably ten fast paced rockers that seemingly follow the same type of formula. To me, it’s like a musical orgasm to my ears. While Hanoi Rocks and/or Michael Monroe might offer you one or two really cool fast paced rockers on one album, Dirtbag Republic offer you nine of them in a row!”

Dirtbag Republic‘s “Downtown Eastside” song:

Dirtbag Republic – SWING AND A MISS

https://dirtbagrepublic.bandcamp.com/album/downtown-eastsideSleazeroxx.com – “Dirtbag Republic’s sophomore album Downtown Eastside is a virtual shoo-in for t…