Dirtbag Republic unveil debut album cover and release first single

Dirtbag Republic unveil debut album cover and release first single

Dirtbag Republic CV coverDirtbag Republic have released the first single, “No Reason For Loving You” off their new upcoming self-titled debut record. In addition, the band has also unveiled the cover for its new album that is scheduled for release sometime in September 2015.

Dirtbag Republic is the brainchild of lead vocalist/drummer Sandy Hazard who had an unstoppable urge to create an old school dragging your ass through the gutter filth rock record with zero filler. His first thought was to call guitarist Mick Wood and the two started working on songs together that would end up being the twelve tracks on the upcoming album. Hazard also brought in former Pretty Boy Floyd/Tommy Floyd bassist Steve Bratz to lay down bass.

Speaking exclusively with Sleaze Roxx, and when asked about the choice for the first single off the debut record, Hazard stated:”We chose “No Reason For Loving You” as the first single, because it represents the whole attitude of the record “loud, sleazy, catchy and in your face.” We have a few songs that were maybe a little more hooky, but felt this represented us as a whole perfectly.”

With respect to the CD cover, Hazard indicated: “The cover symbolizes two states of the music business these days. On one hand, you have bands/musicians that are struggling because there is little money being made and too much competition for it to be a sustainable career. On the other hand, you have musicians/bands using Kickstarter campaigns as a means to finance their next record. So the disheveled rocker on the cover kinda represents those two aspects: broke and asking for money. Now I never like to blanket statement anything… as it’s not always the case, and there are many successful bands out there making a living from music. However, success these days seems to be more about Facebook likes and YouTube views as opposed to the traditional albums sales and concert attendance. You also have fewer big labels investing/developing bands, and the pool of indie labels signing bands has dramatically decreased across board over the last 15 years. I’m always an optimist though, and think one day the music “business” will correct its broken business model.”

Hazard also stated: “The artist who did the cover is Ole O’Brian. He’s done some fantastic work for my other band Mcrackins over the years and was a natural fit. I gave him the concept and he captured what I explained to him perfectly. He’s done several CD/LP/45 covers for other bands as well.”

Pre-ordering information for Dirtbag Republic‘s debut album will be coming soon.

Track listing for Dirtbag Republic’s upcoming new album:
01. Can You Feel It
02. I Have Nothing
03. I Don’t Believe
04. Sky Is Falling
05. Socialize
06. Give Me A Taste
07. Exits & Dangers
08. Leave The Lights On
09. No Reason For Loving You
10. Aloha Lover
11. Little Boys In Blue
12. Minister & The Angel

Dirtbag Republic – No Reason For Loving You

Vancouver sleaze rockers first single from their upcoming debut album.https://dirtbagrepublic.bandcamp.comhttps://facebook.com/dirtbagrepublic