Dirty Looks’ album ‘Turn of The Screw’ remastered and available via Rock Candy Records

Dirty Looks’ album ‘Turn of The Screw’ remastered and available via Rock Candy Records

Great news for Dirty Looks fans as the group’s sophomore studio album Turn of The Screw has been remastered and is now available via Rock Candy Records.

Track List for remastered Turn of The Screw:
01. Turn of The Screw (Who’s Screwing You)
02. Nobody Rides For Free
03. C’mon Frenchie
04. Take What Ya Get
05. Hot Flash Jelly Roll
06. Slammin’ To The Big Beat
07. L.A. Anna
08. Always A Loser
09. Love Screams
10. Go Away
11. Have Some Balls

Rock Candy Records‘ website indicates (with slight edits):

“There was no doubt that Dirty Looks meant business with the release of their debut album for Atlantic Records in 1988. The album was a boiling cauldron of big riffs and serious hooks placing the band right next to such classic four-to-the-floor purveyors of simple, dirty rock ‘n’ roll such as AC/DC and Krokus. Not only did they have the riffs to compete but in frontman Henrik Ostergard, they had a character that was larger than life, crafting lyrics to reinforce his tough guy bravado. Unknowingly, they had crafted one of the era’s greatest albums that although registering with fans and some well informed critics strangely failed to set the world on fire. Atlantic Records however were not disheartened and signalled the go ahead for a follow-up album.

Issued in 1989 and titled ‘Turn Of The Screw’, the band moved on to a new producer in John Jansen (Billy Squier, Britny Fox) and set about recording in New York at the world-renowned Power Station Studios. A previous attempt to record in Los Angeles with producer of the moment Beau Hill had been abandoned so the pressure was on to deliver a solid follow up. Behind the scenes it appears that certain, unsubstantiated, machinations were working to hint that Henrik was being earmarked to collaborate with AC/DC, something that has never been fully looked at until now. ‘Turn Of The Screw’ it must be said, is another righteous stab at full-frontal riff rock packed with some great and catchy tunes such as ‘Take What Ya Get’, ‘Slammin To The Big Beat’, the title track and anthem ‘Nobody Rides For Free’. It’s another enormous tribute to simple but effective loud and proud hard rock.”

Fully Remastered Audio, Produced by John Jansen (Billy Squier, Britny Fox), 16 page full-colour booklet, 4,000 word essay with new interviews, enhanced artwork & previously unseen photos.”

Dirty Looks‘ “Nobody Rides For Free” video: