Dirty Looks And XYZ Among Latest Perris Records Releases


October 4, 2008

Perris Records is releasing 6 new titles worldwide on October 7th.

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DIRTY LOOKS “California Free Ride”
Catalog Number: PER2032 UPC barcode: 670573020325

DIRTY LOOKS “California Free Ride” The latest weapon in the band’s arsonal explodes with ten tracks of killer tunes guaranteed to blow away the fall/winter blues with a heavy dose of down and dirty hard rock power. With the band having been relatively dormant for years, really since the late 90’s, suddenly singer/guitarist Henrik Ostergaard and various ex and new members of the band have been putting out a slew of new material. Already, Dirty Looks has released two discs of new material this year, “Gasoline” and “Superdeluxe”.

Perris Records will release another disc of new material called “California Free Ride” In October 7th, 2008. The disc was mastered by guitarist Anthony Focx (BANG TANGO, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, BUCKCHERRY).

More information at www.dirtylooksmusic.com

California Free Ride Track Listing:
1. California Free Ride
2. Look In The Mirror
3. Burning Rain
4. Only Child
5. Under My Skin
6. Strong Man
7. Come To My Party
8. Shake That Thing
9. Brass Bed
10. Clear Thought
11. Trip The Light

Catalog number: PER2062 UPC barcode: 670573020622

The Norwegian rock band Winter Parade just completed their 2nd album “Two” for Perris Records. The CD was mastered by Beau Hill (Warrant, Ratt, Winger). Winter Parade’s debut album “Midnight In Paradise” was released by MTM Music in Europe. The bands debut recieved international rave reviews, Winter Parade fans will not be dissapointed with the many hit songs on this new release.

Find more info about the band at www.winterparade.com or www.myspace.com/winterparade

Two Track Listing:
1. Real Life City
2. St. John’s Asylum
3. Homeward Bound
4. I’m Still Alive
5. Rollercoasting
6. Lion’s Den
7. Leave It Behind
9. Gone (From My Life)
10. Sophomoronic

LIZHARD “Lizhard”
Catalog number: PER2072 UPC Barcode: 670573020721

Lizhard arranges their songs trying to preserve the sounds and the warmth of 80’s and 90’s classic hard rock. In june 2008 they finished the recordings of their new self titled album. During the first months of 2008 they open for former Mr.Big singer Eric Martin & Twin Dragons, getting great feedback from the audience and critics. The album has been co-produced, mixed and mastered by Alessandro Del Vecchio, musician known worldwide for his collaborations with acts like (Edge Of Forever, Moonstone Project, Glenn Hughes, Ian Paice, Jeff Scott Soto, Axe). Lizhard band members are: Luke Marsilio (Voice, acoustic guitar and harmonica), Paul Mainetti (Guitar), Colombo Alberto (Guitar), Luca “Ze” Moroni (Bass) and Ricky Lecchini (Drums)

For more infomation visit www.lizhard.com or www.myspace.com/lizhardband

Lizhard Track Listing:
1) Rock ‘n’ Roll is back
2) Devil’s highway
3) Let the good times roll
4) I cry for you
5) Life in the fast lane
6) Let’ s party
7) Bad to the bone
8) Angel
9) My wild side
10) Diamond

XYZ “The Best Of”
Record label: IF RECORDS, Distributed by Perris
Catalog Number: PER2052 UPC Barcode: 670573020523

This IF RECORDS CD features the the best of XYZ from 1988’s sexy “inside out” to a 2008’s unreleased track “Falling in you”. This compilation is a true snap-shot of twenty years of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, with a touch of romance and free-flowing champagne. Every radio and video hit, together at last, starting with the early days of knac and climbing up to big time MTV and VH1. This collection is indeed a picture of the band’s road to success, out of the dive bars of hollywood to world stadiums. This CD includes the video classic “face down in the gutter”, radio favorite “When I find love”, mosh-pit proven “off to the sun” and soundtrack “maggy”, the fans have waited and waited, demanding a “greatest hits” again and again, and finally here it is “the best of XYZ”.

For more information visit www.myspace.com/terryilousxyz

The Best Of XYZ Track Listing:
1. Don’t say no
2. Face down in the gutter
3. Inside out
4. What keeps me loving you
5. Off to the sun
6. Souvenirs
7. Take what you can
8. Maggie
9. When I find love
10. Falling in you

Catalog Number PER2042 UPC Barcode 670573020424

“Nomad” features a allstar lineup including Doogie White (Yngwie Malmsteen), Jochen Mayer (CASANOVA, DEMON DRIVE, DOMAIN), Frank Kraus (DEMON DRIVE), Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse) & Holger Seeger (Midnite Club).

Born in New Hampshire and growing up in New England, Iain cut his teeth on the heavier British Blues Rock Bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Bad Company and guitar players like Beck, Blackmore and Hendrix. Later seeking to develop his musical vocabulary he studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston where he expanded his musical realm into that of jazz improvisation, eventually to return to the fold of Rock and Blues. Iain comments, ” There was something about the pull of one’s roots and missing the power that comes with simplicity.

Relocating to Los Angeles, he spent a year as a student at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. “More of an excuse to get settled into LA”…”I skipped all the main classes as I already knew all that stuff from Berklee and basically just hung out and played with Joe Diorio, Frank Gamballe and Scott Henderson.” At the end of the year, he was invited on as an instructor which he did for the next six years.

More information at www.myspace.com/iainashleyhersey or www.iainashleyhersey.com

Nomad Track Listing:
1) Nicotine Dreams
2) Sacrifice the Sun
3) Vintage Love
4) Flesh, Bone & Blood
5) Bloody Waters
6) Voodoo Spirits
7) More to Life
8) When Will My Love Fade
9) We’ve Lost the Rhythm
10) LA Connection

PLEASURE MAKER “Twisted Desire”
Catalog Number PER2022 UPC Barcode 670573020226

The PLEASURE MAKER band is proud to present the release of it’s new album entitled “TWISTED DESIRE”. Formal release to the audience is scheduled for the month of October, 2008

The second album comes with more “direct” and matured compositions, with more emphasis on the melody, stronger choruses, backing vocals and keyboards, not forgetting the well known guitar by Alex Meister.

There are great news. Several new musicians are on the role as Andy Starr (replacing the great Mark Sant’anna) on the bass and Sandro Rossi on the keyboards. The others are Alex Meister (guitars, backing vocals and producer), C. Marshall (lead vocals) and Adriano Morais (drums and backing vocals).

The independent release of the previous album, “Love on the Rocks”, got memorable results: more than 20 reviews around the globe from websites and magazines like BW&BK Powerplay Mag (UK), HardRockHaven, SleazeRoxx, Sleaze Metal (DE), This is Rock (Spain) and MelodicRock.com where the band got 84% of approval rating. The song “Just Thinkin About U” got an honorable mention on the nomination of the best song of 2005 by MelodicRock. During 2006, that album was released in Japan by Spiritual Beast Records on a remastered version and under new artwork.

This new album “Twisted Desire” is definitely better than the “Love on the Rocks” Release!

More information at www.myspace.com/pleasuremakerrocks

Twisted Desire Track Listing:
01 – Come N’ Get It
02 – Feel It This Time
03 – Twisted Desire
04 – What We Left Behind
05 – Is There A Doctor In The House?
06 – Remember
07 – Chance Of A Lifetime
08 – Hurts Me, Hurts You
09 – Eden’s Fruit
10 – Do Your Revolution

Courtesy of www.perrisrecords.com