Dirty Looks Guitarist Talks About Working With Henrik Ostergaard


September 28, 2008

Eric Brewer, the brand new lead guitarist of Dirty Looks, recently talked to www.dirtylookseurope.com about working with Dirty Looks singer Henrik Ostergaard. Eric appears on the brand new CD “California Free Ride”, which is available through Perris Records and Amazon.com. In the interview Eric talked about his work with Henrik Ostergaard, Dirty Looks and the future of the band.

When asked how he got Involved with Dirty Looks, Eric Brewer replied with the following:

“I was called by my friend Shawn Hammer, engineer and owner of Midtown Studios, who asked if I might be interested in some studio work. Shawn and I had been in bands together before and he thought I’d enjoy the project. Henrik and I met at Midtown Studios and went over the tunes. It took me back to that 80’s metal thing that got me started in the first place. I did enjoy working on the project, so much so, that I was happy to oblige when Henrik asked me to do the performances live.”

The entire interview can be read at www.dirtylookseurope.com/interviews.

Courtesy of www.dirtylookseurope.com