Dirty Looks Re-Releasing Their Newest CD On Perris Records


October 3, 2007

Hard rockers DIRTY LOOKS are releasing their comeback album “Gasoline” with Perris Records worldwide on October 16th.

The CD was first released by the band on a limited pressing digipak format and sold out at CDBaby.com & Perris the first week. Perris then signed the band and added two bonus tracks. The bonus tracks were co-written by Paul Lidel (Dirty Looks guitarist 1986- 1994) and Henrik Ostergaard. Bonus tracks feature Paul Lidel on guitar and Jason McMaster (Broken Teeth, Dangerous Toys) on bass guitar along with Broken Teeth band mate Bruce Rivers on drums.

The remaining 10 album tracks were performed by Henrik Ostergaard and other musicians such as Ron Sutton, Steve McConnell & Doug Welser on drums, Trevor Huster on bass, Mike Ohm & Trevor Huster on guitar.

Track Listing:
01. Doesn’t Count The Juice
02. Second Chance (Didn*t Take It)
03. See You In The Morning
04. Through Your Eyes
05. If The World Stopped Spinning
06. Over Me
07. Stick Around
08. Wake The Sky
09. I Am That I Am
10. Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
11. New White Naked (bonus track)
12. Trick Of The Moon (bonus track)

DIRTY LOOKS fans make sure to check out the band Adrenaline Factor featuring PAUL LIDEL at www.perrisrecords.com, MP3 samples are Doesn’t Count The Juice, New White Naked and Trick Of The Moon.

Courtesy of www.perrisrecords.com