Dirty Looks reform with no original members

Dirty Looks reform with no original members

It has been more than five years since Henrik Ostergaard, the lead singer for the band Dirty Looks, passed away on January 27, 2011. The iconic sleaze rock group has released over 25 albums including 1988’s Cool From The Wire, 1989’s Turn Of The Screw and 1992’s Five Easy Pieces.

Dirty Looks photoDirty Looks are now reformed but with no original members in the band. The reformed group is spearheaded by singer Todd Cage (who has performed with KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer) and reportedly includes Mike Blotzer, the son of Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer [editor’s note: it has now been confirmed that Mike Blotzer is not involved anymore].

A message on Dirty Looks‘ Facebook page posted on May 16, 2016 states:

“Just for the record… there are no original members in the band. We have reached out to them. We did have some former members involved from the more recent line ups, but they couldnt do the project at this time. Any former member is always welcome to share the stage with us at any time. We also have the full support of several former members. We do own the trademark to the name/logo. So no one should use it without our permission in the future. The #1 goal has always been to get the music back on the stage. I can assure you that everyone involved are huge DL fans and we look forward to paying tribute to our favorite band and Henrik’s memory. It’s all about the music!”

dirty looks – Oh! ruby

from the album cool from the wire

Tommy Thayer of KISS and Todd Cage Forever live and acoustic

Tommy Thayer of KISS and Todd Cage performing the KISS hit Forever at The KISS Coffeehouse!