Dirty Looks Singer’s Rumbledog Project To Get Reissued

Dirty Looks Singer’s Rumbledog Project To Get Reissued

April 11, 2010

Dirty Looks Singer's Rumbledog Project To Get ReissuedFNA Records plan to remaster Rumbledog’s two albums, 1993’s self-titled and 1995’s “The Drowning Pool” later this summer. FNA Records (www.fnarecords.net), who re-issued the first three Dirty Looks LP’s in late 2009, plan to reissue the two Rumbledog CDs in the summer of 2010 with brand new artwork.

According to DirtyLooksEurope.com, Rumbledog was a band formed by Henrik Ostergaard just after he decided to split up Dirty Looks in 1993. The first album, simply self-titled, came out in 1993 and saw many tunes of released material under Dirty Looks in original version or altered lyrics (and title track) and former members of Dirty Looks as well. The second and last album entitled “The Drowning Pool” came out in 1995 showed an evolution in the style and caught up to the sound of this era, surely influenced by the members recruited for the recording like Mike Smith on guitar (future-Limp Bizkit and Evolver), Jassen Wilber on bass and Ron Sutton on drums (both future-Burning Orange and Bernard Allison Band), and the contribution of Paul Lidel and Mike Ondrusek (ex-Dirty Looks).

For more info and tracklistings for these albums visit DirtyLooksEurope.com.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.fnarecords.net