Dirty Rats release new album ‘End In Tears’

Dirty Rats release new album ‘End In Tears’

Earlier this month, Australian rockers Dirty Rats consisting of lead vocalist Wayne (Richie Rat) Rich, bassist Jamie Beovich, guitarist Anthony (Chooka) Chapple and drummer Andy Thomson released their second album titled End In Tears.

Track List for End In Tears:
01. The Juice
02. Axis of Love
03. Love from A Distance
04. End in Tears
05. Jaded
06. The Ballad of Hobbit Foot
07. Hurts like A Mother
08. Boss of Me
09. My Life Is A Clinche
10. Fantasy
11. Bad News Woman
12. Rat Rock
13. Rock Star

The group’s press release indicates (with slight edit): “Dirty Rats are a no-bullshit Aussie pub rock band, playing beer barns and inner-city clubs throughout Melbourne and country Victoria. Over the last 30 years, the band have developed a sound that is typically Australian hard rock, think AC/DC, Rose Tattoo. But listen, and hear influences from MC5, Mötorhead and even some punk rock. They have developed a loyal fan-base both here and overseas based on their critically acclaimed first album, Rock n Roll, and high energy shows for bugger all money, precious little industry recognition, but purely for the enjoyment of playing loud “balls to the wall” rock. After numerous line-up changes which saw some excellent players and some complete nut jobs pass through the band’s ranks, Dirty Rats are now a lean, mean and explosive 4 piece band pumping out some of the best new guitar driven rock, with a uniquely 80’s flavour, that you will hear today.”

Dirty Rats‘ “The Juice” video:

Dirty Rats – The Juice

Riding the wave of the worldwide critical acclaim of their first full length album, Rock n Roll, the Dirty Rats are set to release their brand new album “End…