Dirty Rock Scars release lyric video for single “M.I.L.F. (Monster I’d Like To Forget)”

Dirty Rock Scars release lyric video for single “M.I.L.F. (Monster I’d Like To Forget)”

Georgia, USA rockers Dirty Rock Scars consisting of lead vocalist Stoney, guitarists Johnny Free and Jay Kay, bassist Jowie Peters and drummer TJ Stevens have released a lyric video for the title track of their limited edition multi-track single titled “M.I.L.F. (Monster I’d Like To Forget).” The multi-track single can be purchased via Pizza Hell Studios‘ Bandcamp page.

Track List for M.I.L.F.:
01. M.I.L.F. (Monster I’d Like To Forget)
02. Drop Dead Gorgeous
03. Season of The Witch
Physical Release Bonus Track:
04. Living In SINema
Digital Release Bonus Track:
05. M.I.L.F. (Dropzone Mix)

The group’s press release indicates (with slight edits): “On October 13, 2019, Georgia rockers Dirty Rock Scars released three-track single “M.I.L.F. (Monster I’d Like To Forget)” on download, cassette, and CD with hard copies containing additional Halloween bonus track “Livin’ in SINema.” Now, it looks like purchasers of the download version will also get a bonus track as Pizza Hell Studios and Lokal Loudness Music have added an additional mix of the title track courtesy of Drop Zone Studios.  The last minute additional was added just seconds before the official live launch of the band’s latest release at 13:00 hours on October 13th. After lyric videos for tracks “Season of the Witch” and “M.I.L.F. Drop Zone Remix”, Dirty Rock Scars have scheduled two official videos shot on October 14th at Cyclon Studios in Evans, Georgia for “Drop Dead, Gorgeous”, due out later this week, and the “Livin’ in SINema” to premiere at the Glam Jam Bam-A-Lam Time Warp Dive-In Double Feature on October 26th.”

Dirty Rock Scars‘ “M.I.L.F. (Monster I’d Like To Forget)” lyric video:

“M.I.L.F. (Monster I’d Like To Forget)” – Dirty Rock Scars

From the new multi-track single due out October 13th just got in time for Halloween! Band and order infowww.dirtyrockscars.comOrder directly on CD/cassette/d…