Dirty Rock Scars to release new EP ‘Re-Infected’ on October 13th

Dirty Rock Scars to release new EP ‘Re-Infected’ on October 13th

Dirty Rock Scars consisting of frontman Stoney, guitarist Darryl Cliett, bassist Michael James and drummer Chris Lowery will be releasing their new EP Re-Injected digitally on October 13, 2021 and on CD on October 31, 2021 via Pizza Hell.

Track List for Re-Infected EP:
01. The Return of the Sickness
02. I Walked With A Zombie
03. Wake The Red
04. Drop Dead, Gorgeous
05. Pick Your Brain
06. I Walked With A Zombie reprise
07. Infected 21

Dirty Rock Scars‘ press release indicates in part (with slight edits):

“Once again Georgia, South Carolina rockers Dirty Rock Scars tear into the holiday season with a Halloween release.

For the fourth straight year, Dirty Rock Scars scare up some tunes for yet another October 13th release with Re-Infected, a seven track EP that not only features some new tunes but revisits a couple of tracks from the band’s original formation in celebration of 4/5ths of the band’s original lineup reuniting.  Founder/regular member Stoney is excited to reunite with semi-regular guitarist Darryl Cliett and returning guitarist Michael James on bass and original drummer Chris Lowery.  This will be their first release together since the band’s original “Infected” single a few years back.

This time around, Dirty Rock Scars deliver updated versions of “Wake The Red” and “Drop Dead”, “Gorgeous”, both of which were on the band’s original demo, a remix of “Infected”, and new tracks “Pick Your Brain” and a cover of the Roky Erickson classic “I Walked With A Zombie.”

Dirty Rock ScarsRe-Infected EP promo video: