Dirty Skirty Streaming “Devil Dancer” On Sleaze Roxx

Dirty Skirty Streaming “Devil Dancer” On Sleaze Roxx

December 30, 2013

Dirty Skirty have teamed up with Sleaze Roxx to bring you their new single “Devil Dancer”, the first taste from their upcoming studio album ‘Rebel’. The follow-up to 2010’s ‘Long Live Rock N’ Roll’ is slated for release on April 6th, 2014 and will be available for purchase at www.dirtyskirty.com.

Despite a four year gap between releases, Dirty Skirty singer Luke Stephens assures Sleaze Roxx that the band hasn’t altered their vibe too much. “A lot of bands out there try to change what works into something better and the sound fails. I wanted this release to be a sequel to the first album but tell a new story. The party certainly continues on Rebel, but instead of celebrating and needing a girl for the night like much of album one, album two sees more of a theme of going hard day and night even if it’s just you with the devil riding shotgun.”

Joining Stephens on ‘Rebel’ are bassist Evan Garnell, new guitarist Stan Martell and returning drummer Shannon Stovall.

“The former members were invited to play on this album, but they passed up the opportunity,” explains Stephens. “The writing for Rebel was a journey through self reflection of my past life and current life. After hearing the mixed versions Evan and I feel like we found a little bit of ourselves which was lost. Becoming too much of an adult too fast is overrated. This was potentially going to be our last hurrah, but after hearing it we want it to go forever. I love going into the studio and cutting tracks that will be heard by the amazing people that enjoy Dirty Skirty, from China to Australia to Brazil. We by no means are taking over any airwaves, but we are absolutely pleased by the underground wave.”

“The solos are flat out better on Rebel,” Stephens continues. “Jeff Allen is a great guitar player and brought a lot of guts and glory to the band, but Stan Martell is an animal. While my writing with Jeff and Scott Beasley (rhythm guitar player) for the first album was against the grain, the collaborating with Stan was easy as it gets. The choruses are also bigger and the overall strength of the tunes and hooks are far more memorable. This album digs deeper without getting too sensitive.”

Why such a long wait between ‘Long Live Rock N’ Roll’ and ‘Rebel”? “It has taken this long because we are regular guys and we all gotta work our butts off to keep the music coming,” says Stephens. “To put out an album that gives the fans the quality they deserve means doing it the right way. We actually spent less time in the studio then we did the first album. It took 15 days to track, record, mix, and master Rebel. Evan and Shannon got married between the two albums and on top of that Saliva took the studio time we had slotted in mid 2012. We are determined to put the next one out by summer 2016 though… there is a routine now in place and as long as we continue to have great fans support it there will be more albums.”

How did the band come up with the album name ‘Rebel’? “We wanted to wait until all the songs were recorded and to really sit back and let the name come to us,” continues the singer. “Out of all the tracks on the record we liked Devil Dancer and Rockin’ Man the most, but neither summed up the theme of the tracks to our liking. The track My Way Or The Highway starts off with, “I’m the world’s last rebel…” Once I told Evan that it had hit me that Rebel would be perfect he said he loved it. We like it because the word Rebel stands for so much of the mindset of the band and the writing. As the lyricist I am very confined with my influences… Jerry Lee Lewis, Bon Scott, women, boozing, and my family. Those two true artists really raised their middle finger to conformity and mainstream. Like me, Bon was a drummer turned singer who I know pushed all elements to the limit. I know that I never did it just to be different… I rebelled to follow what I wanted in music. Dirty Skirty became successful because it is sincere. I think the majority of our fans are rebels against the norm so that is a great fit for them as well.”

What led to the return of drummer Shannon Stovall, who originally left the band shortly after recording the debut album? “Shannon is signed on forever regardless,” says Stephens. “I believe in being close to those who take care of you. Shannon is a true brother to us. He never had a falling out with us when he left the band, it was because he couldn’t move forward with our demanding drinking and show schedule. He recorded every track on Long Live Rock N’ Roll because he was always the best drummer for the band. Eric Allen was fantastic, but Shannon creates the sound which we want on tape to last forever. He is a perfect blend of Bill Ward and Phil Rudd. He is a permanent member as long as he and I both have a pulse.”

Stephens encourages everyone to purchase the album when it is released, stating, “There was something special about unwrapping that new AC/DC, Motley, or KISS CD growing up and blasting it on my home stereo. Those moments are what planted the seeds for getting to do music later in life. Whether they are independent bands like us or touring acts like Buckcherry the sales really are important for the well being of the musicians. Too much music is considered free, free, free, today for the taking. I wouldn’t trade a single sale for 10 people enjoying what we created…. we appreciate everyone. However, if you truly enjoy a band’s music then spend the $12.”

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com