Dizzy Dean Davidson Rejoins Britny Fox

Dizzy Dean Davidson Rejoins Britny Fox

May 8, 2010

Vocalist Dizzy Dean Davidson has revealed that he is rejoining Britny Fox for a new album.

Dean states, “Hello my friends. Been busy with personal business! Back on Facebook, going to be releasing detailed info about my return to old band “BRITNY FOX”. Yes… Britny Fox! With a new album and record deal, major tour, merchandise and more. More details in the next few weeks. Have a great weekend.”

In late March Dean Davidson posted a new rough edit video of “New York City Night”. The song first appeared on his ‘Drive My Karma’ solo release and will be the title of his upcoming follow-up album.

Dean and the band will be filmed later this year in New York City for what will be the final master video, for now this is a rough cut version. The filming of the album will take place in Woodstock, New York. The documentary reality film is titled “30 Days In Woodstock”, and topics on the music business and the reality of the business, a full spectrum of being in the moment with Dean and the band. Make sure you sign up for Dean’s Newsletter at www.deandavidson.com to get all the latest news on the making of the album.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.deandavidson.com