Dobermann release lyric video for “Radioactive” featuring ex-Guns N’ Roses guitarist Bumblefoot

Dobermann release lyric video for “Radioactive” featuring ex-Guns N’ Roses guitarist Bumblefoot

Italian rockers Dobermann have released a lyric video for their song “Radioactive” featuring former Guns N’ Roses guitar player Bumblefoot on lead guitar. It’s the second single of their new album Pure Breed, which was produced by Guano Apes and H Blockx producer Fabio Trentini, and released last March via Wild Mondays Music / Horus Music UK.

Dobermann‘s Biography on their Facebook page states (with slight edits):

“A true rock pedigree, delivering a snarlingly good set with plenty of bite, Dobermann are a rock band founded in 2011 by bassist and singer Paul Del Bello, who previously toured for gazillions of dates with NYC legend Adam Bomb, and played and worked with names such as Steven Adler and Michael Monroe all over Europe and US.

In a bit less than four years, Dobermann toured Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Austria and France, hitting the road for more than 500 concerts and 250.000 kms , sharing stages with some major acts such as the Quireboys, Richie Ramone, Blaze Bailey, Marky Ramone, Gilby Clarke, Henry Padovani and Rhino Bucket.

They have also toured extensively the UK for more than 100 dates in three years, headlining their own shows and playing some opening slots at O2 academies in Newcastle and Islington, and events such as Glammed Out festival in London and Real Ale festival in Banbury, with no label, no management and no booking agent.

No triggers, no keyboards, no overdubs: just three guys who quit their dayjob to live the life on the road, their gear and their van, playing pure and simple rock and roll.”

Track List for Pure Breed:
01. Spnc (Intro)
02. War Thunder
03. Taking In The Outtakes
04. Radioactive
05. Pure Breed
06. I Fucking Hate Drummers
07. I Need A Holiday
08. Stuck In Traffic
09. Hometown
10. Magic Mountain

Dobermann‘s “Pure Breed” video:

Dobermann – “Pure Breed” – Official Video

“Pure Breed” Official Videoclip”Pure Breed” is taken from the Dobermann album “Pure Breed”, out worldwide on CD, & download/streaming March 11th on Wild Mond…

Dobermann‘s “Radioactive” video featuring ex-Guns N’ Roses guitarist Bumblefoot:

Dobermann feat. Bumblefoot – Radioactive – Lyric Video

from the album ‘Pure Breed’order your CD: Play: ht…