Doctor Vince Neil Prescribes Booze, Flesh And Rock’N’Roll


January 16, 2008

“I’m so f… happy right now, I’m f… speechless, West Palm Beach!

“Keep drinking! Keep partying! We’re f… open.”

With this somewhat eloquent speech, Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil declared “in business” Dr. Feelgood’s, the newest nightclub in Clematis’ entertainment district in downtown West Palm.

Pandemonium erupted, with scantily-clad bartenders pouring booze while gyrating on top of their counters, frat boys pumping their fists in the air and well-dressed locals politely applauding.

And party they did, well into Wednesday morning — under the watchful eye of a nice decorative touch, an 8-foot movie snake exhaling smoke over the dance floor. Neil hopped on stage for Crue tunes that include Smokin’ In The Boys Room.

Nearly a year in the making — something Neil ragged about recently in an interview with Page 2.1 when he compared WPB’s cumbersome permitting process to the two months flat it took him to open a new store in Vegas — Dr. Feelgood’s features everything one would want to see in a rock’n’roll bar.

There’re some of Neil’s Harley-Davidsons, and Playboy playmates to ride them. There are concert-used Crue guitars, platinum albums and band-related murals.

For those who can’t take the decibels — just ask City Commish Bill Moss, who didn’t stay long — there’s always the beer pub atmosphere in the back of the split-level joint.

Nearly 700 showed for the invitation-only VIP premiere, which preceded Saturday’s public opening. That shindig will close Clematis after dark and features a free Neil performance.

While the hard-rocking lead singer poured some of his own money into the venture, the joint is the brainchild of local nightlife entrepreneur Rodney Mayo and Cleve Mash. Some cash also came in from former Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Todd Wade, former Florida Gator southpaw quarterback Bob Hewko and Nick Fazio Jr., son of the famous golf course designer.

“We sent out 1,000 invitations,” Mayo said. “I figured that with free booze until 11 p.m., we’d get a few people.”

Whether is was the vodka or a nice appearance paycheck, retired NBA star Dennis Rodman materialized in the hastily set-up VIP room. He was accosted by WPB Mayor Lois Frankel.

“You played ball, you used to wrestle, what are you up to now,” the 5-foot-something Frankel asked.

“I’m all about love now, Mama,” Rodman said. “I’m a businessman.”

“You selling earrings,” said Frankel, noticing Rodman’s numerous piercings.

When Rodman then told her he now lives in Aventura, Frankel seemed disappointed.

“Why don’t you move here. We need more people like you here,” she said, causing Rodman and his entourage to launch into hyena-like giggles.

The once-successful rapper and recent reality TV star Vanilla Ice and his body guard partied alongside former Dolphins QB Jay Fiedler and former Marlins catcher Darren Daulton. Also there, Erica Chevillar, the former West Boca High teacher who made national news last year when she quit after her students found pictures of her in the skimpy on the Internet.

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