Dogs D’amour Frontman Releasing New Solo Album In July

Dogs D’amour Frontman Releasing New Solo Album In July

June 16, 2013

On July 15th Dogs D’amour frontman Tyla J. Pallas will release his latest solo album ‘Devils Supper (Electric Sitting)’ through Cargo Records.

“I guess this album started when I heard about the death of Jackie Leven a few Winters past now,” states Tyla. “I’d seen Doll by Doll back in the early ’80s at the Marquee Club in London’s Wardour Street. I read a few articles about him but none gave me such insight as the one by Paul Du Moyer in the now sadly defunct magazine (???). From what I read there and from what I knew I wrote the “Ode To Jackie Leven”, I even wrote the original version in Jackie’s tuning (E/Ab/B/E/Ab/B).”

“I knew this song had to be an Epic… and when Scotty Mulvey (piano) heard it he said pipe would be good, and so introduced me to Paul Brennan who’s Uillean pipes have adorned the soundtracks to such films as ‘Gangs of New York’ and ‘Harry Potter’ to name but a few. Only problem being these pipes only come in the keys of D or F… and so when he came over to Alan’s (Clayton) we started the song from scratch with me now playing it in D. It was then while sitting in the garden that I asked Paul if he knew of any string and horn players of which he said his son was studying at the Royal Academy of Music on the Marylebone road in London where I met Cyrus (Reynolds) I sent him over my songs and ideas for horns and strings and he arranged all the players and all the parts and on one sunny Sunday in May we put all the parts down. And there you have it the “Ode to Jackie Leven”, a song I’m very proud of who’s journey went from kitchen to bedroom to shed to Royal Academy.”

“A lot of this album started out with me recording acoustic versions an various rooms of our flat in North London then I took the tube to west London where in Alan’s snug little shed we recorded the drums, and later piano and pipes and percussion. I managed to do most of the bass, the guitars and the vocals most days between 9:30am and 2:30pm. I would then send them via cyber space all the way down to Clermont Ferrand in France where Lez would add glistens of lead guitar and then mix them in a big post and send them back over for my approval, if they are not right first time they were a after a bit of toing and fro-ing and shouting at our computers. We have worked this way for a number of years now.”

The Dogs D’amour were regulars on the UK charts in the late ’80s and early ’90s with albums such as ‘A Graveyard Of Empty Bottles’, ‘Errol Flynn’, ‘Straight??!!’ and ‘…More Unchartered Heights Of Disgrace’. The Dogs D’amour recently reunited with the classic line-up of Tyla, Bam, Jo Dog and Steve James to release the 2013 EP ‘Cyber Recordings’.

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